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Word up and welcome to the brand new home of previously and now! I am so excited to share it with you, and hopefully you will continue to enjoy the new look blog for another four years! Fingers crossed!

It’s still the same great content, but with a new look and a new home. Don’t worry, if you forget the url you can type in and it’ll redirect, but don’t forget to tweet me now at @zoelondondj and my instagram is the same too.

You can leave comments at the bottom of each post if you have thoughts on what it is i’ve been chatting about, and i’d love to read them. Don’t forget to use my social buttons on the top right to connect with me, and bear with me while I am still tagging the 1000+ old posts into the categories on the navigation bar!

My new site has been built entirely by Tom Aylott at Collision Digital, and designed by me, so it’s taken a long amount of time. It might not look like the most groundbreaking blog in the world to you – it’s def not – but it’s been plugged straight into, which is one of the most unresponsive and hard to custom build platforms there are out there. I did that because I didn’t want to lose any of you in a potential move to wordpress (stay with me!) and I also wanted to keep the same userface for myself, and we’ve managed to do it. I couldn’t have asked for a better web developer than Tom and I recommend him whole heartedly.

There are a few cool things about my blog to explain – first up if you hover over each post on the homepage it will change colour. This colour matches the colour of the category it falls into under the nav bar (if you roll your mouse over that) so you can easily see which posts are about Fashion, Music or Beauty etc. My header banner is an ever changing hub of my thoughts and colour inspiration. It will change every single time you refresh the page, or click on a new element. It’s on a shuffle, so who knows what picture you’ll get.

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I look forward to you discovering elements of the blog and enjoying reading my lifestyle posts as they continue into the future! The board of pictures on the homepage will move every single day, by two or three new buttons – that’s three great new blog posts for you to enjoy every single day – so don’t forget to subscribe to me on bloglovin’ and add me to your favourites.

Thankyou for waiting while we renovated, thankyou so much for your concern as to where i’d gone – seriously overwhelmed – and welcome, once again, to

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