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My Wedding Beauty Preparations

My Wedding Beauty Preparations

Photography: Kaye Ford | Words: Zoe London


When you’re a beauty obsessed bride, you definitely have a list of things to prep for the wedding…!

I absolutely love beauty treatments, skincare and everything in-between. It’s my little salvation and my respite. It’s both mentally and physically good for you, it forces you to relax and it makes you feel good about yourself. With a wedding on the horizon, this goes into overdrive and not only is it madly exciting, but such a nice break from wedding planning to take that time and prep yourself. For some brides, these things wont be priorities. Makeup might not even be a priority at all. For me however, it’s all pretty high on my list of priorities, and well – all weddings are personal. I’m not tweaking *too* much of my usual beauty routine, but I wanted to let you know all about the pre prep i’m doing, incase you’re after some treats yourself – or just wanting to feel like the best version of you.


My hair (and George’s hair!) is honestly actually about no4 on our list of priorities behind venue, outfits and photography. Honestly!! It sounds so ridiculous but to both of us our hair is our identity, it’s how we express ourselves and it’s how on our wedding day we will feel the most like us. My hair is so important to me it really damages my mental health when I feel like it’s bad. I’m having my hair done by Daniel Hershesons Salons in London in the lead up to the big day. My hair has been a huge project behind the scenes as it will be changing colour and be a totally new colour for the wedding day. I’ve chosen this shade purposefully taking into consideration the shade of my dress, my skin tone and my surroundings as well as how it will photograph alongside George. Everything has been carefully thought out and with the careful consideration of it still looking and feeling like me. The process is a slow bleach and dye job to the desired colour – it’s taken from January and it will go on until August – and with the application of Great Lengths UK tape in hair extensions – called apps – which I will be wearing on the day. The Hershesons team have been beyond amazing, from caring for my hair, to the most beautiful results, and consistently making me feel like i’m going to feel a million dollars on my actual wedding day. This is an ongoing process!


In terms of skincare, i’m keeping up a really rigid skincare routine at home of retinoids, moisturisers, double cleansing (I do listen to you Caroline!) and generally drinking water/looking after myself – but there are facial peels and treatments i’m doing to make sure my skin is as bright, glowy and wedding prepped as possible. I had the most amazing facial peel with Dr Dennis Gross in New York thanks to Jen a couple of years ago, and we’re keen to sort in LA for our trip at the end of the month, and in the mean time i’m using the Dr Dennis Gross products at home. These are absolutely amazing, by the way. If you’re looking for a peel result and you have the budget to spend, I cannot recommend the brand enough. I’ve got through three pots of the Hyaluronic Moisturiser – it’s honestly brilliant. I also have some consultations at The Peel Boutique in London, who are pulling together a bridal package for me. They deliver 20 min peels for busy women on the go, and they’re affordable and non invasive. I’m really keen to try and keep as much of my ‘natural’ face as possible, so for me keeping up skincare, and treatments is more appealing than botox – although i’m not going to lie to you, i wouldn’t rule it out!


I looooove Nouveau Lashes. Oh my god. When I first discovered the wonders of LVL on a brow treatment at Benefit Cosmetics, I was blown away. I have the worst lashes you’ve ever seen. No, really. Even my three year old nephew Henry has better lashes than me. My lashes are horrendous and no amount of mascara saves them. Until I found LVL. It costs about £40, and it takes about an hour to do. Your lashes are individually lifted onto a shield with a treatment applied to them to keep them lifted. It works. It doesn’t damage your lashes, or eyes, and it just works wonders. I couldn’t live without it now. I go every couple of months for LVL, but for the wedding we are trialling some of Nouveau Lashes other treatments. They also do lash extensions in various different forms, and I think for me it’ll be a bit of a process of elimination as to which one I prefer in practise and have done before we fly to California. They offer these services all over the UK, and if you, like me, also have stubborn downward lashes – I honestly cannot recommend it enough.


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I’ve been going to Benefit to get my brows waxed and tinted for so long I can’t remember a time I didn’t. Bar a couple of bad experiences, I would continue to go back. They were mostly that once one girl took too much off the side and left me with a more pointed thin brow than i’d like – but it has since grown back – and the other was that I was 3 minutes late – honestly, THREE – and they cancelled my appointment refusing to fit me into another. Ugh. Nightmare. However, i’m lucky I have known the team at Benefit for a while, and now they do them they are just absolutely perfect. Both of my bad experiences were at very central London boutiques however, i’ve been to the ones outside – Lakeside is usually my go to if the Bene girls are busy – and the girls there are absolutely amazing, so I think it’s just a big city London thing. The results speak for themselves and i’m always happy. For me, it’s a no brainer that i’d keep up with Benefit and use Benefit for my wedding as I know my brows will look amazing!


And finally, nails! I honestly am reaaaaally trying to look after my nails in the lead up to the wedding, and using a combo of my two favourite tried and tested salons in London to ensure they’re as good as they can be for September. I have a strict routine of two lots of gels on, then a month break, then two lots of gels again and so on and so forth. For gels, my two favourite salons are London Grace – who always provide tip top service with a smile, and I go to their Leicester Square salon. I’ve been going here for over a year religiously now and I adore it. Another newcomer to the London scene is Nail Club, by Skinnydip, which is in the basement of their Covent Garden store and where these photos were shot. Nail Club is cool for a change of pace, a little more lively and upbeat with a wider and cooler colour choice, it’s my go to for a funky nail for travelling. My wedding nails for LA will be done by one of the NCLA team thanks to the amazing Elin who owns the brand – who i’ve met up with in LA a few times – and I have no idea what shade to choose! NCLA is a boutique nail brand from LA, with some of the coolest nail colours you can find. They also just expanded to gels, and i’ll be meeting up with them at the end of the month to pick my wedding shade and get it done before our big day out in Cali! I’ll have a gel pedi at home before I go to Cali though, and again I have no idea what shade to choose!

Other things on my to do list include a massage – I swear I have the knottiest shoulders! – as well as meeting makeup artists and makeup brands to work on a signature makeup look. There’s gonna be more posts on this, as i’ve started working with Kat Von D beauty and their team to figure out a cool, me, but still bridal makeup look using KVD and I can’t wait to get stuck in. My sister will be doing my hair for me in California, so we are going to begin working on a style together in the upcoming months and practising it to death, and my hair for London is still tbc. There’s loads of little fiddly bits as well like body exfoliation, as well as hair removal (fun) and taking vitamins and supplements – I take Fountain drink supplements every day and I cannot recommend them enough! I’m also looking into some teeth whitening.

Even though I think it sounds like a lot, keeping up all these things has actually made me feel better in myself in the last few months anyway, I feel happier when I look in the mirror than I ever did, and i’ve a new found appreciation for those little 45 min/hour pamper slots away from the office and the stress of everything else around the wedding. I think this blog will basically become a shrine to the wedding post September onward anyway, but if you do want to see individual posts on any of these things – bar the Benefit brows cos i’ve already blogged that here – let me know in the comments.

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