Does Urban Decay’s Naked Reloaded Stack Up?

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As a beauty lover, you’ll be very familiar with the Urban Decay ‘Naked’ concept. If anything, i’d go as far to say it was really a beauty cultural phenomenon at the time, it created a whole new hysteria for a hyped up beauty product, working on the heels of coveted sold out MAC products, and spawning a new love of beauty for a whole new online generation of makeup obsessives. It was absolutely the palette to have. Now of course years have passed since the original and with it came so many different variants of the Naked palette. I’m sure you actually have a favourite? For me its the Naked Heat as I love the burned orange tones and the warmness of the palette. Today however, I have the Naked Reloaded palette – their very latest drop. Let’s see how it compares to the previous.

What’s a game changer about this one from the offset is that you can clearly see the outer four shades are larger in size. We all use the highlight and all over shades the most, and rather than having empty pans – Urban Decay has expanded the size of these ones. Okay good, thumbs up, I approve. The other immediate difference is that this palette is definitely designed with all skin tones in mind, with nude and neutral shades complimentary on all. Much better. Some of the others definitely favoured certain skin tones and to make a much more universally flattering palette is much better. I also like that.

On the offset and immediate look though, it didn’t grab me as anything super super special. This for me is a holiday palette, a travel palette, or a palette i’d grab out of ease. I’ve been reaching for it a fair bit at home, but on days when i’m in a rush or not in any mood to do anything particularly out of the ordinary with my eyes. I think that’s what they were going for though – I think they wanted to make the ultimate handbag palette for all skin tones and all levels of makeup expertise – which is great to be fair. Not everyone these days is a perfect instagram makeup artist and palettes like this that are so accessible are still so important in the beauty world and we must never forget that or be blindsided by the instagram look. This is quite anti-instagram to be honest, forgetting those heavy duty glitters, those dusty matte pigments in favour of just a beautiful, real world palette. For me, that is a major plus point and a great move from Urban Decay. Below you can see how it swatches on my skin.

You know what though? I don’t love the casing. It’s now a soft pillowy fabric casing and honestly I just think it’ll get grubby really quickly. I didn’t love the hard tin casings of the originals, but I did like the plastic casings of the Heat and Cherry. I see what they were doing with this one, but to me it just looks like it will get a bit dirty and that bothers me! There’s also one dud shade in my opinion, the shade Dreamweaver is a bit hit and miss and comes out a little bit chunky with not much pay off – unless you use fingers which I don’t really like to do.

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For me this is a good solid palette that does match up to the others in the Naked family, but you may own palettes similar to it. Of course, only buy things you really love or need and if this aint your bag, i’m gonna say skip it. If you’re in the market for a solidly neutral, well performing easy to use palette – i’ve often just used any one of these shades as an all over wash when i’ve got 5 mins to spare – you may want to consider purchasing. I think UD have done a great job keeping up the original Naked palettes and this one will definitely be well loved for years to come!

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