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Three Becca Products For An Easy Spring Glow

Three Becca Products For An Easy Spring Glow


I absolutely love Becca Cosmetics. Something about it’s whole ethos of just wanting to bring out the best in what you already have by enhancing it is something I really like in a brand, and while i’m all for bright colours and expression – sometimes you just want stuff that makes you look more alive. Becca really has that whole lit from within thing absolutely down and some of their favourite products for me are the ones that illuminate and brighten. I think we all know about the Becca powder highlights – and one does feature in this post! – but I thought i’d share two of my other favourite Becca products for you today too!

(swatches – top to bottom, Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop, Becca Cosmetics Under Eye Brightening Corrector, Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid in Opal) 

First things first, I have always bought Becca Cosmetics. From a blogger perspective it’s one of those brands i’d always love to have a relationship with, but alas not yet.. however i’m always more than happy to spend my own money on their products because everything i’ve tried so far has been great. So everything in this post, i’ve bought. I usually buy my Becca products from Space NK, or Sephora in the USA, and now they sell on ASOS, too! Some of the eagle eyed beauty connoisseurs among you may have noticed that my Shimmering Skin Perfector powder is a mini size! That’s right! So I did have a full sized Champagne Pop but unfortunately it fell victim to a small accident where it was dropped by a husband who shall remain nameless because we are not mad at my husband… promise..

Anyway, the full size ones do seem to have a tendency to do this,  this is not the first i’ve heard of it completely smashing after being dropped. So on a whim in Sephora I picked up the mini version to replace my full size, and I got through an entire one without it breaking at all – success. I’ve since repurchased it, the one you can see here, as it’s sold by the till in Space NK. Don’t dismiss these minis, they’re just as powerful as the original, and don’t break when dropped. They also have a mirror inside so perfect for handbag emergencies. It took me an entire year of consistent use to use up the small one before as well so lets be real, who really uses a huge full size highlighter that much? The mini saves money and doesn’t smash! There’s also some great kits out there of a mini liquid and powder – that was how I bought my original – and i’d recommend these as travel size makeup, and good to try the brand before investing!

As I mentioned, I had a mini of the Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal and I used it all up, so I decided to pick up the full size. This can seem like quite an expensive product but my god, I am obsessed. It’s a little pump product, which means you can either add it to foundation, moisturiser even in Summer, or you can just apply as normal to cheekbones, cupids bow and under brows. You could even then use a powder over the top, but for me I love the natural highlight look it gives. I wear this every single day. No, really. Every pic you’ve seen of me for the last few months i’ve been wearing this, and when I go out for the evening I layer Champagne Pop powder over the top for an extra pop of highlight. I’ve got my eye on some other shades of these products because they are genuinely amazing.

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Excuse my slightly melty face, but in the picture above, I have the Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector on my left eye (picture facing) and not on my right. I do have concealer on both, but I think you can see the difference it makes? It’s not a miracle product let’s make that clear, but it is a definite improvement. It’s a lovely creamy texture meaning you can layer it under your concealer or over the top, and it reflects the light in a soft pink or golden tone depending on your skintone, to create a bright under eye look. As soon as I tried this for the first time I absolutely adored it, coupled with my no1 concealer Tarte Shape Tape it is a dream! On those days when I need a little more lift and pep, this product really delivers. I feel like in the Summer when i’m just on a soft tinted moisturiser and concealer this will become even more of my best friend as it’s just made for beautiful sunny days!

So there we go, there’s three of my top Becca picks that i’ve splurged on and not been disappointed with – for a glowy skin look! What do you think of Becca Cosmetics? Do you rate their products? These and the Champagne Pop palette are the only products i’ve tried so if you have some recommendations for me please leave them in the comments and anyone else who stumbles on this post, as i’d really like to try some more! I’m thrilled with my purchases and I think they will last for ages!

Let me know what you think below!

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