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The Ultimate Cheap Autumn Palette

The Ultimate Cheap Autumn Palette

Photography & Words: Zoe London


I think this might be the best Autumn palette i’ve ever seen.

I don’t love the Autumn/Fall weather, but I sure do love the warm, rich, intense colours that come with the season. It’s especially my favourite time of year for makeup, and i’m always on the quest for the dreamiest, toastiest eyeshadows to warm up my complexion. Look, don’t kill me alright but I think I found it in the US – and i’m here to share it with you today.

The palette in question is by Colourpop, and it’s called Yes, Please! which retails at a measly cheap $16 for 12 eyeshadows. Erm, hello?? I’m fully shook more people aren’t raving to the moon and back about this palette! Let’s delve a little deeper..

If you’re not familiar with Colourpop, it’s a cruelty free, largely vegan makeup brand born out of and manufactured in Los Angeles, California. It’s incredibly affordable, and 9 times out of 10 the product is intense pigmentation with great staying power. Absolutely everything i’ve tried from the eyeshadows to liquid lips and liners as well as primers and highlighters has been amazing, and well worth the shipping costs! Yup, that’s pretty much currently the only thing annoying for those not in the US, you need to spend $50 to qualify for free international shipping on their site, as well as potential taxes when a large box turns up. However, unlike other US shipping only brands – ie Kylie Cosmetics – you can get like ten products for your fifty dollars rather than one. On that, there are actually rumblings of rumours that Kylie Cosmetics may actually be manufactured by Colourpop themselves, so perhaps the liquid lipsticks – that are just $6 on Colourpop’s site – may actually be the same as Kylies…

Anyway, the Yes, Please! palette has been somewhat of a cult hit in the US, with it selling out and restocking several times already, but the dust has settled a little bit and it’s safe to blog about without the disappointment of not being able to buy it instantly! It’s currently limited to two per order, however. There’s 12 shades, with each pan filling 0.03oz of product. Their full size single eyeshadows are 0.05oz, so they’re not far off. My first impressions were that the palette is a lot smaller in person than I envisioned it being after seeing it online, but despite it being a cardboard packaging it doesn’t feel flimsy or that it might break. I’ve travelled with it in my suitcase and even though as you can see the pigments are so strong they imprint on the lid, it hasn’t smashed or shown any signs of damage. Thumbs up.

l – r, French Kiss, Note To Self, Mischief, GNO, Spoiled, Butter Cake, Louie, Bling, Champs, Big Cocktails, Full Zip and Chauffeur

As you can see from my glamorous arm swatches, not one shade is a dud. Not. One. I’ve honestly not encountered this in a long time, especially from a drugstore/high street brand! Even the very palest highlight shade is full of pigment, and they all blend beautifully into each other. Stand out shades for me are ‘Spoiled’, that bright brick red that blends like a My Chemical Romance dream into a warm, beautiful wearable red, as well as ‘Mischief’, the amazing bright yellow that’s not neon, yet still such a complimentary shade to eyes. I also love the uniqueness of ‘Chauffeur’, it’s an orange come yellow in the perfect pumpkin colour. Honestly, I cannot fault the palette at all and the first time I tried it I was just in awe at how good it is. Even the shimmery shades are packed full of pigmentation, going on strikingly strong where others in the red shimmer family falter.

My favourite way to wear it is blended into a slight rainbow of sunset shades, with the yellow just accenting the highlighter and the red keeping the eyes warm for Autumn. It’s so unique compared to the Urban Decay Naked Heat, which while a favourite of mine sticks to very wearable neutral toned Autumn shades, this one goes in bold with the bold yellow, bold red and bold orange. It’s perfect for a night out, complimenting a black dress or a plainer outfit.

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Sometimes with red shades, they can be a bit chalky, dry and hard to blend. I didn’t find this with the reds in this palette, or any of the matte shades at all. I honestly have no idea how they’ve done it and makes me wonder what wizardry they’re cookin’ up behind closed doors in LA! It’s great to see a brand so confident and bold in both their packaging choices and shade ranges, catering for all skin tones and giving some bright options as well as neutral too. I’ve a lot of time for that.

All in all, I honestly cannot rave about this enough. It’s such a good palette that I think all makeup junkies need in their arsenal! At just $16 dollars, roughly £12 for us, it’s making me wonder why on earth the UK high street isn’t making product as cheap and pigmented as this! Our US sisters have hit the nail on the head and I think the Yes, Please! palette is here to stay for a long time. For me, i’m just so pleased with my purchase and you’ll get sick of seeing it cos it’s going to be on my face for pretty much the entire Autumn, Winter… and probably still in Spring, too!

Will you be picking this palette up? Let me know in the comments!


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