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The New Kid On The Block: Pretty Vulgar

The New Kid On The Block: Pretty Vulgar

Photography & Words: Zoe London

A brand new beauty brand for you to sink your teeth into…

When I go to the US, I usually always have a few things lined up. One, a packed suitcase. Two, a food list of restaurants. Three? A Sephora must-try list. As you know, a makeup junkie is always on the lookout for the next new hot thing, and I had heard whisperings amongst the US blogs about a new addition to Sephora’s shelves – Pretty Vulgar. I mean, they had me at the name. 

Pretty Vulgar is from Florida and it’s a cruelty free vegan line, that’s still quite small with a select few beauty products launched. I picked up two on my recent visit to California, the two that excited me the most out of the selection they had. The Silent Treatment lip product and the Down Below lash primer. One of the first things that immediately drew me to the brand was of course the name, and the fact that the packaging had been designed to offset the name – by being all floral, delicate and pretty. 

Pretty Vulgar Silent Treatment Matte Lip Moisturiser – $20

This product excited me the most, not only did it have really good reviews on Sephora but it sounded like a product I really needed In my every day arsenal. So I wear a lot of liquid lipsticks as I’m sure you know, and these are notorious for drying out your lips. I always want to dab on a bit of lip balm over the top, or underneath, but then that defeats the point of it being a matte liquid lipstick, as then it immediately goes tacky, sticky, and more like a lipstick than a liquid mattifed one. Silent Treatment is a matte lip product, meaning you can use it underneath your liquid lipstick, or dab a tiny bit on the top without it ruining the matte finish. I’ve tried both, and both work well, and this product is also really lovely when worn on it’s own. I really rate this, and I’m super glad I picked it up.

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Pretty Vulgar Down Below Lash Primer – $24

I never ever use a lash primer for my lashes as it’s just not something I’ve really considered, but with my wedding coming up I’m interested in getting the best out of my makeup as well as looking as nice as I possibly can, so I grabbed this one to give it a try. So, this lash primer is black, meaning it coats the lashes once with a layer of black, which you then layer your mascara over the top. It’s very effective, and really gives the lashes a lift, coating and dramatic thickness. For me though, combined with mascara it’s too much. I didn’t anticipate it to be quite this thick and black. It is however, a great dupe for the Benefit Bad Gal Bang mascara, meaning you can get that same Benefit effect with more or less any mascara you own on top, as well as being vegan and cruelty free. In that case, and if you like thick, black, lifted almost clumpy spidery lashes, you’ll love this. For me, it’s for night outs, or special occasions where I really want that look but not for everyday.

So there we go, a little lowdown on a couple of Pretty Vulgar products, and why this brand should definitely be on your shopping list should you be headed to Sephora any time soon. I’ve had so many compliments on how beautiful this packaging is when I pull it out of my makeup bag!

I’d love to know what you think about the look of Pretty Vulgar, and if it’s something you’d pick up! Let me know in the comments. 

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