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The Easiest Greek Inspired Feta Cheese Pie Recipe

The Easiest Greek Inspired Feta Cheese Pie Recipe

We love Greece. Everything about it. The people, the culture, the scenery – the history… but perhaps most of all, the food. George and I love visiting Greece whenever we can, but we also like to enjoy Greek inspired food at home, too. I had been really craving a feta cheese pie – a fresh one, home baked from the oven – and I’d never want to say I have made an authentic recipe here, but I had a go making up how I felt a cheese pie would be, and after a few attempts I’m happy with the results. So I thought I’d share with you today my homemade cheese pie! This is my own recipe and I’m not very good at knowing amounts as I’m more of a by eye kinda cook, but luckily for this it doesn’t matter too much. Read on for the recipe and method!

I serve up my Greek feta cheese pie with other homemade Greek meze inspired dishes!

Puff pastry (I buy Sainsbury’s own brand, it’s Vegan friendly if you are Vegan!)
Feta cheese – traditional or vegan, both work!
Bag of raw spinach

Sesame seeds

Prep time: 5 mins
Cooking time: 20 mins
Difficulty – Easy

Okay so the first thing you wanna do – unless you’re cooking for four people – is to chop off a bit of your feta cheese. George and I like food but a whole block is far too much for two! I chop about two thirds off and put the rest in the fridge. You also want to chop your puff pastry pre-roll in half because you don’t need a whole roll. I like to use the other half to make two puff pastry vegetable tarts! You could also use the rest to make a sweet treat to eat after your meze.

Once you’ve cut your pastry and feta to size, start to layer spinach in a neat ball on top of the pastry. Place the feta cheese block on the top, and wrap more spinach around the cheese. Cram in as much as you can as the spinach cooks down in the oven! This can be a bit tricky, but just make sure every bit of spinach is tightly inside the pastry, otherwise it will burn and crisp up in the oven too much.

Once your pie is all wrapped up in a neat little parcel, flip it over so the join of the pastry is on the bottom, and bake for 20 minutes. After it’s baked, pour a light (or generous, up to you!) drizzle of honey over the top, and sprinkle with sesame seeds! Serve hot and ideally with a greek salad, and some bread and dip! I home make my tzatziki dip as well as ‘greek’ tuna, with coriander seeds and herbs. This would be such a good sharing dinner to impress some friends (when we can finally have friends round, at time of writing we still cannot) or just to feel like you are on holiday in the Summer!

Enjoy making and eating your Greek inspired feta cheese and spinach pie! If you make it, be sure to send me a photo @zoelondondj on instagram, I’d love to share it on my stories! If you make it with vegan cheese also do share how it went, this dish can be made vegan really easily as the puff pastry pre-made is usually vegan. Just check the packaging on your puff pastry to see if it says butter or not. I can recommend the own brand ones or Just-Rol that I know definitely are vegan!

Enjoy, and hopefully we will all be able to travel to Greece soon.

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  • Thank you for this recipe! It’s fast becoming a lunch staple when working at home, the honey on the top is amazing! 🙂

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