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Stylish Comfort Dressing

Stylish Comfort Dressing

Photography & 35mm: Kaye Ford | Words: Zoe London

I’m a big advocate in stylish clothes that look good, but feel like pyjamas.

I have to admit, despite falling back in love with jeans again lately after a six month temporary separation, I’m still obsessed with the comfort trouser. When I was younger and getting to grips with style and my own personal style, I could never really see much of a place for me and the humble trouser, almost always opting for a jean or skirt and never really looking outside it. I’ve been wearing and loving culottes for a few years now, and I can’t rave about them enough.

From the outside, this outfit probably looks fairly put together, but when it’s broken down it’s actually really simplistic. A basic turtleneck long sleeve top, and a pair of culottes. I think what helps it look put together, is in the accessorising, and the subtle details. The turtleneck long sleeve is a plum colour, instead of a black or white, and immediately this gives the outfit a different feel and look. There’s nothing wrong with black or white, I own plenty of black and white plain tops – but it doesn’t hurt to think outside the colour spectrum sometimes! These culottes are also a soft silky fabric, bringing a new texture to the look, and the statement yellow side stripe is both eye catching and unique.


For such a long time I always picked the most bold, most out there tops, trousers, coats, shoes and everything because I always thought great style came with choosing the most unique pieces – and while I still believe this, the way I’ve paired them has changed. Each to their own, but there really isn’t anything better than combining basic clothes in a cool, new fresh way, and for me personally, comfort is higher up on my priorities list than ever before. Culottes are a little secret weapon in stylish comfort dressing, as they come in so many colours, shapes, cuts and fabrics – some are smarter and some are more trend worthy like the ones I have on today – and there really is a style for everyone. For me they are a key part of my comfort dressing wardrobe and I think everyone should have a pair, or two..!

If you’re like me and your tummy troubles – whether it be IBS, Crohns or anything similar that causes discomfort, bloating and generally awkward feelings in your body – are another key factor in dressing comfortably, don’t dismiss the humble trouser. I’m really into trousers, as often my jeans don’t fit me at all. I found this set of photos to be particularly fitting for this topic, as we speak I’m currently being tested for food intolerances as I’ve mentioned a few times (I am vlogging this process) and in the process of finding out fully what’s wrong with me, I’ve realised I don’t need to cover myself up in a potato sack to feel comfortable enough to leave the house. There are so many brilliant trouser options out there for the tummy conscious, or even if you’re just not into jeans too much at the moment, too.

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It’s all about the accessories and I’m obsessed with my not so subtle Skinnydip bag, big enough to fit a phone, purse and lipstick for a night out and statement enough to capture anyone’s eyes! I paired this outfit with a loop belt, some bold boots and my beret just to pull everything together. All these things are super comfortable to wear, as well as help to pull the outfit together more and look more put together, even if you just threw it on in five minutes before leaving for the office at home. Stylish comfort dressing doesn’t need to be about going all out, but sometimes just about thinking about different colours and cut options, and items of clothing you may not have considered – like culottes!

I’d love to know what you think of this outfit and whether or not comfort dressing is important to you, or if trend dressing always comes first! I must admit, I do fluctuate between the two!

This outfit set was shot at Big Moe’s Diner in Whitechapel, which is the coolest little slice of America I’ve found in London yet. 100% check it out if you’re after an American Diner experience!

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