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Styling Band Tees Into Dresses

Styling Band Tees Into Dresses


Photography: Juliette Carton

You know the feels. Killer band tee. But how to wear it out?

Black Sabbath man, as if it’s the final ever tour. To be fair though, I get it. Those dudes are old now! We saw them last Summer at Download Fest and honestly it was jokes from start to finish. Ozzy’s on stage banter ranges from ‘bloody pissin’ down aint it’ to ‘err you alright out there yeah’ and the songs sound just like they did on the record – unfiltered, raw, and full of riffs. We had fun, despite the fact we were getting rained on, and it was amazing to see them live in my lifetime.

I digress, but I saw this vintage looking Sabbath long sleeve on ASOS, pretty sure that Lily, Helen and I all bought it without knowing on the exact same day, and I loved it. My only problem was, I felt it looked a bit too un-shapely on my body, and I went about styling it up to make it more style friendly.



So i’ve layered a different texture dress underneath.

I think an easy way to make an oversized band tee – especially one that’s long sleeved – look good pretty effortlessly is to layer it up with different textures. It was absolutely freezing when Juliette and I shot these photos, i’m pretty sure you can see it in my face. When it’s -2 degrees out like it was here, you want as many layers as you can get. So underneath my Sabbath top is a long sleeve Missguided black dress, with a lace hem. Lace is a great way to make something that looks a little boyish, look more feminine. Don’t get me wrong, i’ll wear this top with my jeans or to slouch in, but if you’re heading out or just want to wear it differently, mixing in a bit of lace will give it that pop of texture that works a charm.




Back at it with ASOS Reclaimed Vintage again.

Yup I can’t resist the stuff. Told you! I do have bad news for you though, the Sabbath long sleeve i’m wearing in this post has gone from ASOS Reclaimed Vintage now, but they always have similar stuff so it’s worth keeping an eye on anyway. Also you can get awesome band tees from loads of merch stores, I often try and shop at the actual bands webstore so hopefully most of the profit does go to them! I know that BMTH and also Don Broco both have awesome long sleeve tops just like this one on their merch stores at the moment too if they’re your kinda bag!


sabbath9I also think another easy way to dress up an outfit is in the shoes.

I got these amazing little bad boys from Pretty Little Thing, but they’re also sold out in this colour way. There’s so many dupes kicking around though that it wouldn’t be hard to find some similar. I found some from Missguided which I linked in the little widget above, and they look like a good dupe! These ones are so comfy though, and even though I was scared of the bright oxblood red colour at first, I love them now. I think they look so fun when paired with darker colours for a little pop of tone. They’re something a little out of my comfort zone, but i’m really glad I tried them! I’m obsessed. I can also confirm, I got them fully wet and they were totally fine after they dried out!




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Hopefully the last of the cold snap has passed now.

A couple of weeks ago when we shot these it was honestly brutal outside. It’s horrible when you’re going out and you know you want to look nice but you don’t also want to freeze to death as well. I think this outfit layering combo is a pretty good shout for evenings when it’s freezing, but personally i’d wear it to a gig or to a party anyway! I did originally want to wear it with fishnet tights as that was another texture that would really bring this outfit to life, same as the lace I mentioned earlier, but I just could not bear it in the cold! Primark extra cosy tights it was instead i’m afraid! But picture it with fishnets and I bet it looked cool!



I really think there are so many great and fun ways to style up a band tee that aren’t just the normal way. Definitely don’t be afraid to layer it over or under other dresses, or tucked in skirts too. I have another little dress tip for short sleeve band tees, so when the weather gets a bit warmer i’ll share that with you too!



Let me know what you think of this outfit and if you would wear it too! I love these photos that Juliette took for me, we shot them at that little football ground opposite Shoreditch High Street station. Something totally different to offset the outfit! I’d love to know your thoughts so do leave me a comment down below.



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