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Where To Stay In NYC – Archer Hotel

Where To Stay In NYC – Archer Hotel

Photography: George J Rockett | Words: Zoe London


Finding the right hotel in New York can be a right headache. Here’s one incredible recommendation for you.

New York, New York. What a city. One of the most visited cities in the world, with probably I can imagine the most amount of hotels, too. Finding the right one for you can be a lengthy process, and I wanted to share one that we both fell head over heels with today, to help you make an informed decision. The Archer Hotel is the kind of hotel that leaves a lasting impression on you so much you run home to tell your family about the stay you had. Situated in the ideal location of midtown Manhattan, it’s close enough to the amenities to be handy, but far enough away from Times Sq/Rockefeller to give a bit of breathing space. Part of the reason why for me, it’s a must-stay hotel in the city.

The rooms are beautiful. With a really old New York townhouse feel, my personal favourite, it had an exposed brick wall, with accent furniture in a rich deep wood. The bed had this amazing headboard in a gorgeous luxurious purple shade, and by gosh was this bed cosy! There’s something about American beds isn’t there? The Archer is no exception and the whole room has this nice homely luxury vibe to it. The view out of the window overlooks the Empire State in some rooms – and there’s something so pleasant about sitting by it, watching the world go by. I felt really at ease, very relaxed and really enjoyed the overall feel of the room.

I think hotels can really hit the nail on the head with the room vibe, or they can totally miss it. The Archer is the former. We felt the most comfortable here, and the most at ease for sure. It also really did encapsulate that New York feel, which for us travelling from England was exactly what we wanted to experience. It was also a very good size, not too squashed and not too spacey, but enough room to manoeuvre and actually iron/get dressed etc. I’ve stayed in New York hotels before that felt like a shoebox, not really fun at all especially when you have such a big suitcase like I do! For two people it was the ideal amount of room, and we loved it immediately.

For me the bathroom has gotta tick a few boxes. How did the Archer measure up? Okay so it needs a big mirror to get ready in front of with plenty of room to do makeup. Archer: check. A decent shower and nice miniatures. Archer: check – and double check points for the Malin & Goetz, a New York institution! And lastly, bright, with plenty of room to move. Archer: check. It also had the added bonus of some of the cosiest looking bathrobes i’ve seen, which I definitely made good use of! Come on, what is a holiday without a good lounge around in a crisp fresh bathrobe?

Something cute to note is that the slippers are complimentary. The mens have moustaches on and the girls have lips on, which from arrival in the room we were told we were welcome to keep. How cute is that?

Now the restaurant attached to the hotel had really good reviews – the Charlie Palmer Steakhouse FYI – but we already had our evenings booked up with friends and meals, so we opted to try the breakfast – and of course we did it in style. In bed. Similarly to the bathrobe situation, holidays are all about breakfast in bed. The best. George ordered the pancakes for himself, and I ordered a fruit bowl, some granola and some pastries, all of which were absolutely beautiful. Gutted we didn’t get the chance to try the restaurant properly, but it was always busy and looked like a lovely atmosphere. I would definitely go there for dinner even if I wasn’t staying in the hotel on our next trip to the city!

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Up on the rooftop they have a cocktail bar called Spyglass, which we immediately headed to as it was promised it had one of the best views in the city of the Empire State. It really did not disappoint. We took some photos up here – i’ve only included one because i actually do have a full set to upload – and at the dusky sunset it was just absolute perfection. Again, I would totally come here for a drink even not as a guest of the hotel, it’s really worth checking out for that enviable instagram shot!

I mean, this whole hotel is instagrammable from start to finish, and if that was their goal they achieved it. The staff were some of the most polite, attentive and lovely staff we encountered the whole trip, going above and beyond to 1. help us with our luggage and let us get changed when we were too early to check in, and 2. organising a taxi to the airport when we had to leave. They gave us advice, tips and even called the lift for us – and every guest – as they walked past them. The attention to detail in this hotel did not go amiss.

All in all I absolutely adored everything about the Archer and I would not hesitate to rebook. I already recommended it to my parents for their next America trip, and for me, it’s rare I fall in love with somewhere so much but the Archer really grabbed my heart.

I cannot thank the Archer enough for having us on our stay, and I would love to hear in the comments if it’s the ideal hotel for you or if you fancy booking it for your next NYC visit! It’s perfect for first-time visitors, it ticks all the boxes location wise!


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