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Sign of Love for LGBT Rights with LUSH

Sign of Love for LGBT Rights with LUSH


I believe in love. I really do. I know it’s easy to be cynical about falling in love or unhappy with the state of love sometimes, but I believe in love, eternally. I believe we are destined to find someone we fall in love with not only truly and madly, but forever.

I also believe in fairness, equality and respect. I don’t ever treat anyone how I wouldn’t want to be treated myself, and that’s just how it is. I would never be disrespectful to anyone, especially those who deserve it the least.

It really struck a chord with me, when LUSH announced their partnership with LGBT rights movement All Out, encouraging all those who too believe in love to take their lipstick (ideally the LUSH shade ‘Believe’) and scrawl a pink triangle anywhere on their body, to stamp their approval of love.

The pink triangle was used in World War II by Nazi camps to ‘organize’ the inmates by sexuality. It was stamped emotionlessly on the arms of homosexual men, later subjected to atrocities within concentration camps at the hands of the Nazi reign. Since it’s use over fifty years ago, it’s been reclaimed and tipped on it’s head by the LGBT community, to symbolise pride, and to long since rid of the ‘badge of shame’ it once was.

Whilst LUSH are campaigning against the anti-gay propaganda laws currently taking place in Russia, and being propelled to front pages by the world’s headlines during the Winter Olympics, unfortunately this kind of life isn’t uncommon in half of the world, and even in some states in America.

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It’s easy to get involved with LUSH and join the pages of their protest book to show you believe in love, of any shape or size, between any mix of human – but love, the pure emotion felt by all – you can do so in store, or simply tag your own body and hashtag it on twitter #signoflove.

The campaign might be on it’s way out as Valentines Day fades, but the truth is it’s a reality for a lot of us in this world, and the sooner the rest of the world realises love is universal, the better.

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