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Pixi Beauty Vitamin C Skincare Range For Glowing Skin

Pixi Beauty Vitamin C Skincare Range For Glowing Skin

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Pixi by Petra is such a unique brand because it appeals to so many markets. Petra’s backstory herself, born in Sweden but studied makeup in Los Angeles before moving to London – kinda explains why this is. It’s got that perfectly minimal Scandi vibe, but with the ethos and wants of an American and British market. It’s a beautiful brand in both packaging and contents, one of which i’ve been using now for probably as long as i’ve had this blog – nine years. Over the years i’ve featured a lot of Pixi products, especially this review here on the Double Cleanse by Caroline Hirons but of course, far too many to link. Recently i’ve started spending a lot more time with the brand, getting to really know it properly, breaking down each part of the very expansive range to become more familiar with how great these products are – and let me tell you, they really are. In this post i’m going to be focussing on the Vitamin C range, which is one of the newest sub-skincare ranges to drop on their website.

I guarantee that if you will have heard of Pixi, the product you know about is the Glow Tonic. This stuff is so famous it flies off the shelf at a ridiculous rate. It can even sell out completely sometimes! Why is it so good? It’s a gentle exfoliation of Glycolic Acid, Aloe Vera and Ginseng and it is just fab. Enter 2019 and we have a huge expansion to not only the Glow Tonic range but to Pixi’s skincare range in general. As I mentioned i’m just going to talk about the Vitamin C range of that sub category now, but of course there is now an updated Vitamin C Tonic! Amazing. Similar in formula to the Glow Tonic, but enriched with Probiotics and Vitamin C, it has antioxidant power that as Pixi says: “promotes healthy collagen production, and is known to boost skin luminosity.” Awesome. So if you’re the kind of person that doesn’t get enough sleep, or perhaps works in a dark room without too much sunlight and therefore has slightly dull skin as a result, this will have great results for you. In fact, the whole range will. Really there isn’t a type of skin this range shouldn’t suit – of course you know your skin better than anyone – which is why I felt the Vitamin C was a perfect place to start. Pretty universally appealing.

The product that started my love affair with the Vitamin C range is the Vitamin C Caviar Balm. This is such a luxe feeling product to apply that I absolutely adore using it at night time. As it describes, it is a rich balm formulation that you just melt gently into the skin and leave on before bed. My skin always looks refreshed and awake after applying this, and it has the softest feeling application into your skin. There’s also the Vitamin C Juice Cleanser, which is a cleansing water. A bit like a micellar water, but with cleansing properties so much better for your skin. If you’re often tired or in a rush and take your make up off with Micellar water, you’ll probably be noticing dry patches or bad texture on the skin, whereas if you switch to a cleansing water you’ll see better results. In conjunction with the Tonic and the Balm, these three make a great easy skincare routine maybe for teens or for you busy women with busy lives among you. I’d still always recommend using an actual cleanser with a cloth and water, Pixi do so many great ones – I currently love the Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel but I also love Caroline’s Double Cleanser and the Rose Cream Cleanser.. but perhaps that’s for another post! Either way, if you’re pushed for time or generally tired on an evening, you can’t go far wrong with the Vitamin C Cleansing Water if what you currently use is a micellar.

The last product I have, although there’s one more in the range I don’t have – a Vitamin C Lotion (moisturiser to you and me) which if I know Pixi moisturisers will be amazing. I currently use the Rose Lotion and it is just so lush. Anyway, the last one I have is the Vitamin C Serum which your skin will drink up on days it really needs it. We’re talking grim weather, pollution, dehydration and dry skin and generally when it just needs a bit more attention. The serum contains ferulic acid, which as Pixi says is: “proven to reduce the effects of sun damage & free radicals, helping to improve skin tone and creating a smoother complexion.” After applying your glow tonic of choice, just apply 2 or 3 drops of this to your face, or if you prefer mix with your moisturiser for an ultra luxurious moisturising experience. Depending on how i’m feeling I mix it up on my personal preference of application!

So you’d cleanse your face first (ideally with a water cleanser and cloth but if not we can let you off it’s cool) with the Vitamin C Juice Cleanser, then apply the Vitamin C Tonic to a cotton pad and rub all over face, then use the Serum with the Caviar Balm for a beautiful Vitamin C enriched skincare routine. Of course if you’re like me you’ll just mix the individual items (sensibly of course) into your current skincare routine!

If I had to recommend just one stand out product I think for me it would have to be the Caviar Balm, it’s such a lovely product, but as I said all of these products are pretty universal so should suit and be happy on all skin types and you will find something your skin loves the most.

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I absolutely adore Pixi, their whole ethos of just ‘glow’ whether it’s via skincare or easy to use glowing makeup is just so in line with where I want to be with how I look at the moment and i’ve always adored their packaging and products that actually deliver. I have never tried a Pixi skincare product that hasn’t delivered. That’s the hallmark of a great brand right there. Also a lot of the range is Vegan, and it is 100% entirely Cruelty Free, so no worries there either.

What do you think of Pixi? Do you like the look of the Vitamin C range? Let me know what you’d like me to review next, I have so many Pixi products to try!


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