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The Perfect House Party Speaker

The Perfect House Party Speaker


Meet The LG FH6 – The ultimate at home speaker experience, by LG

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So you guys know that I DJ whenever I can around running my YouTube channel, and of course music means a lot to me both out in the club and at home, too. I’m always looking for new ways to enjoy and experience music with my friends and with George, so today I’m showing you just that.


Meet the LG LOUDR FH6.

A speaker of epic proportions and with some of the coolest functions I’ve seen on a music gadget, I think this will make the perfect gift for the music lover in your life. Let’s start with the look of it, with two coloured light systems, you can control them with the Smartphone app, and they mix with the beat automatically on the track you’re playing. Beautiful! 


There’s Karaoke, and DJ effects built in.

I don’t know about you but when I’ve got my mates over and we’re playing music, we’re singing along. Loudly, usually! But the FH6 has a built in karaoke system which at the push of a button can remove the vocals from the track. This allows you to plug into one of two microphone slots, so you can sing along in tune with the track! How cool is that? Ahh! If you’re having a party, you can add DJ effects directly from the side of the speaker itself, including scratching, wah, delay, and pre-recorded special effects to your tracks. Awesome.

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But at the core of the FH6, is a really great speaker system.

The effects and gadgetry are amazing, and such cool enhancements – but really we’re after a great speaker here, and this bad boy delivers. From the size of it you know it’s gonna pack a beautiful punch sound-wise and it does. It also turns down to a quieter level without losing any clarity or sound depth. It’s really impressive. What I really liked about it however, is that you play music from it via Bluetooth. Connecting up to three devices at a time, its the perfect party speaker. If you have an LG TV (we do, our trusty LG TV has been the centre of our entertainment for two years!) it also connects up to the LG TV to enhance movie watching. 

Honestly I think you’re gonna love getting to know this speaker and it’ll soon become one of your favourite gadgets. What do you think of the LG LOUDR FH6? Let me know in the comments!

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