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Painted Denim Jean

Painted Denim Jean


Photography by Corinne Cumming.

I’ve spent the last three months living for painted denim. 

So Corinne and I took these photos a while ago, but somehow they got a little buried under YouTube work! Even though these were shot when it wasn’t quite so chilly (not pictured out of shot however was a big fluffy coat), this outfit is more or less what i’m still loving and living in. I think they are such a beautiful statement piece of jean that you should consider owning for a new denim look.



I bought this top from Primark.

Having been into Primark to pick up some bits, I saw this stripey top which I felt was very Urban Outfitters looking, and have been styling it up different ways ever since. One of my favourite ways is wearing it with these jeans. I think the simple cut out shoulder can really shake up what would otherwise be a very basic outfit – long sleeve top and jeans – and bring a new look to the casual wear attire.


My jeans are from The Ragged Priest.

So I got these jeans back in the Summer from The Ragged Priest and they’re hand painted with a bunch of different designs adorning the sides. I get so many compliments and questions from you guys about them so I thought i’d dedicate this entire post to how beautiful they are! Unfortunately, they are now sold out, but The Ragged Priest have loads of other jeans that are hand painted, and i’ll leave a few as well as some other pretty statement jeans from my favourite stores on the web down below!



See Also

I love this little street in East London.

Quite a lot of East London remains to be some of the oldest parts of London, and even though it’s going through a lot of redevelopment, a lot of the streets are still true to their original form. Down by the back of the Spitalfields market, you’ll find loads of little streets like this, with many of their original building fronts remaining. When shooting with Corinne I knew I wanted to offset how modern the jeans were with the beautiful buildings behind me. I love wandering around this part of East and if you’re looking for something different to do on a Sunday, I can highly recommend a little wander around Spitalfields and the surrounding streets.


So there we go, my love for painted denim goes beyond jackets into jeans for 2016 and I reckon I might get a bit more adventurous into 2017 and actually paint some jeans myself… maybe! I’m not sure i’d do as good a job as these Ragged Priest ones, though!

What do you think? Will you venture into graphic hand painted denim too? Let me know in the comments!


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