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OUAI For Newbies

OUAI For Newbies

Photography & Words: Zoe London


Starter products for the OUAI newbie.

If you’re not familiar with Jen Atkin, she’s the powerhouse celebrity hair stylist behind the amazing brand OUAI. Based on what i’ve seen of her on Keeping Up With The Kardashians as well, she also looks like an all round hilariously awesome woman – the kind you’d wanna go for cocktails with. Founded a couple of years ago and born out of the idea that women on the go, need no-fuss hair products that do the job en-route to wherever they’re going next. With beautiful, simple packaging and an ethos i love, with products that actually work, it quickly found it’s way into my hair arsenal. Now my hair is super important to me so I have a million and one hair products on the go at any time, but the ones that make the cut into ride or die territory are not chosen lightly. I know there’s quite a few products in the OUAI range, and with their price point being mostly over £20 a product, it’s not the kind of range you could buy all in one go. Here’s two products i’ve purchased and repurchased, and I know are great starter products for the OUAI newbie.


OUAI Wave Spray – £22 

Who doesn’t love a soft wave in their hair? Most long haired men and women I know adore a soft but perfectly defined wave, and that’s where the OUAI Wave Spray comes into play. Most hair curl creating products are salt sprays, but this one is full of rice protein instead, so for dyed and coloured hair babes like me – this is perfect. It’s a non drying-out, beautiful lightweight mist texture and omg it smells divine! It’s also enriched with keratin, which is always good for keeping hair soft and shiny. You use this on damp hair, so just after you get out of the shower, and spritz through evenly mostly focussing on the mid length to the ends – I don’t really see the need to spray much of this at the root for me personally, but if you were after that extra volume you could spritz it into the root. Then blow dry your hair as normal, and style with your favourite curling iron. I find my curls after using this last longer – I can usually get three days waves out of one curl session but that’s also because my extensions hold curls well, and I find very minimal drop out from the curl after it’s been done to the end of the night.

I absolutely love this product and I team it with IGK’s Mistress that I talked about in a previous post for silky, soft, long lasting perfect waves. This makes it one of my go-to OUAI products!

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OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray – £22

So when OUAI first came out and was a Sephora-in-the-USA only jobby, I picked up one of these. At the time this product appealed to me the most, had the most unique USP and looked like one i’d reach for more commonly. Boy was I right! I fell in love with it, and a year later repurchased it from Selfridges in London after it landed over here. Why do I love it so much? Aside from how amazing it smells – my friend Chris actually complemented me on how good my hair smelt when I saw him earlier this week after using this! – it is the perfect blend of dry shampoo meets hairspray. None of that stickiness you get with a thick hairspray, and no powdery-ness you get with a cheap dry shampoo. It is the perfect hybrid. I don’t even know how it works because you can’t even feel it coming out of the bottle, it’s some sort of invisible wizardry, but it holds my curls perfectly, and adds volume. I usually pull my hair side to side a bit, and spray a loose dusting of this over the top. My only gripe with this product is – I seem to use it up too quickly! Make a double size bottle please Jen!

So there we go, just a little short but sweet introduction to two amazing products from OUAI. I wanna try some more of the range, so i’ll be picking up more in due course i’m sure – but for now these two bad boys are firmly in my hair weaponry and i’m obsessed with the shine, finish and hold they give my hair.

Have you tried anything from OUAI hair? What do you think of the brand? I’d love to know in the comments!

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