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New In Additions To My Makeup Drawers

New In Additions To My Makeup Drawers

My makeup tray is an ever growing, ever expanding (oops) area of my office that I adore spending time on. I am so lucky to be sent some new in beauty pieces, but I do also pick up and purchase from brands I want to try, too. I’m really trying to be good and implement a one in- one out service at the moment, so I haven’t bought a lot of new stuff, but there’s some new additions at the moment that I’ve been enjoying using. I keep a tray next to my cupboard stash, where I pick and choose each week what to change. For example, I might switch out the blusher one week, or the eyeliner the next. Quite a lot of things stay the same.. the IT Cosmetics CC Cream is one prime example, but new things are often added. Today I thought I’d share some of the new in bits that I’ve been loving!

*This post contains a mixture of product gifted to me as PR and product I’ve purchased myself. For more information on how this works, please click the Disclosure tab. 

I made that marble tray! I’m gonna sell them on my instagram if you like the look of them!

So I think first I should just do a little intro to what’s currently on this table, and then I can go through how I’ve felt about adding them into my current makeup roster, as it were. So first up we’ve got the Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer*, and I also have the Spectrum Collections Oyster Highlighter*. I purchased the Nudestix Nudies All Over Face Glow in Bare Back, as I had seen amazing reviews of it. I’d also never tried anything from Nudestix before so wanted to give the brand a go!

There’s also the new Stila Double Dip Suede Shades*, of which I was kindly sent two. I have the shades Camera Ready and Mint Julep, which I chose because of how unique they both were. There’s also the NYX Epic Wear Waterproof Longliner Eyeliner* of which I was sent a selection, but was drawn to shade Stone. Lastly I have the newest Marc Jacobs Mascara, the At Lash’d Lengthening and Curling Mascara*.

l – r: Spectrum Collections Highlighter in Oyster*, Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer in Amber* and Nudestix Nudies All Over Face Glow in Bare Back

Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer* – £28
I already use and love the Fenty Beauty Match Stix in the shade Amber, so as soon as I saw the cream versions be released, I knew I’d love them. The Match Stix can take a bit of warming up, and the beauty of the cream is that it only needs a light dab from your brush to instantly apply – which does make blending much easier. The Match Stix really are more of a foundation contour, but this is a dedicated bronzer. Actually the only shade that’s exactly the same across the two, is the one I like the most on my skin tone – Amber. There’s a huge selection of bronzers for all skin tones in this range though. I also have the shade Butta Biscuit, and I’m gonna try that for warmer toned days when I’ve been in the sun. Overall, this is a very welcome addition to my makeup tray and it’ll get used on heavy rotation just like the Match Stix has done for a while, too.

Nudestix Nudies All Over Face Color in shade Bare Back – £28
I had heard a lot about Nudestix, but never tried it. I saw Estee Lalonde using it a lot and that was the tipping point for me – her skin always looks effortlessly glowy and I wanted to try that out for myself. I bought this off Cult Beauty as my first foray into Nudestix, and so far I’m impressed. The pay off is good without being too pigmented or too soft, and it blends on top of foundation without rubbing it off. This shade – considering I gambled and bought it online without seeing it too! – is also perfect for my skin tone. Not gonna lie I did not realise for a while that there was a blending brush in the bottom of it and just used my fingers, but that does make the price a little bit sweeter – knowing that there’s a good sized and good quality brush in the bottom, too. I’m defo gonna pick up some more Nudestix, I’ve got my eye on the eye pencils next!

Spectrum Collections Highlighter in Oyster* – £12.99
Some of you may be familiar with Spectrum Collections already, they do amazing makeup brushes. Actually their makeup brushes are pretty much all I use. I used them even on my wedding day! Recently they’ve added makeup to their line, and I have to say, so far I’ve been really impressed! I have some lipsticks and eyeshadows from them too, but it was this highlighter that caught my eye enough to add it into my every day makeup. Why? Well it’s the perfect pearly iridescent pink toned gold, and it’s so flattering. It works beautifully on my paler skin tone, but it will work so nicely on black and darker skin tones, too. I think it’s affordable, not too sparkly – d’ya know what I mean by that? some highlighters I swear are just balls of glitter! – and effortlessly glowy. My only gripe if I had to find one is that the packaging is a little flimsy and bulky. But it doesn’t take away from how great the product is.

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I entrusted my husband to take one photo and it’s out of focus – I have to apologise! hopefully you can still see the shades ok…!
l – r swatches, nudestix blush, fenty bronzer, spectrum highlighter

Stila Double Dip Suede Shade Glitter & Go Liquid Eyeshadows* – £24
God this product must have the longest name I’ve ever seen for a liquid eyeshadow?? Oh Stila, haha. If you’ve been around here for a while you’ll know I make no secret of the fact that I think the Stila Liquid Eyeshadows are BY FAR the best on the market. Capitals are required for that statement. They are utterly incredible. I use them all the time – you’ll have seen them in my stories, IGTV’s and YouTube for years. The glitter ones in particular are unrivalled, still. Trust me I’ve tried almost every other brand of sparkly glitter eyeshadow and nothing compares. So when I saw they had released these double ended eyeshadows of what they call ‘Suede Shade’, one matte and one sparkly, I knew I needed them. I’m so lucky that the PR got in touch and offered me two, which I chose the shades Mint Julep, and Camera Ready. Honestly these are incredible. I’m so happy with them, and they will be used for a long time to come. Simply swipe the matte shade in an oval shape all over the eye, and use your finger to blend out. Apply the glitter in the middle, and blend with finger – then finish with a dab in the inner corner. Perfect.

top – mint julep
bottom – camera ready

NYX Epic Wear Semi-Permanent Liquid Liner* – £9
Honestly a semi-permanent liner doesn’t really bother me, it’s not something I majorly look for in day to day wear. However, with this hotter weather and the fact that I’ve been doing DJ sets from home – where it gets super warm! And that’s where I’ve loved using this liner. I was so lucky to be sent a few shades, but of course I love the black, and as featured here there is a shade called Stone, that’s a deep, gorgeous grey. If you need your liner to stay put – you’ll love this. Just make sure you grab a really good remover! Cos this stuff does not budge!

Marc Jacobs At Lash’d Mascara* – £25
Oh my god I’m so bad at describing mascara honestly I find it such a struggle! So do bear with me… haha. Listen, my natural lashes are horrendous. They’re short, stubby, point stubbornly downward and generally smudge all over the place and never play ball. I struggle to find a good one, so when I do I cling onto it and use it religiously. In the past I’ve only found maybe three mascaras tops that actually work on me and don’t smudge anywhere, and thus far, this Marc Jacobs one is looking really promising. I can’t report on the lengthening claim it makes in the title, because my lashes are so bad that you couldn’t even add length if you tried! But what I can comment on, is the fact that when worn with false eyelashes, the lower lashes didn’t smudge at all. Which for me, is a big sell. It’s also vegan (which is rare for mascaras, oddly) and it’s easily buildable. I’m looking forward to using this long term, and seeing if it dries out as quickly as my two other favourite mascaras seem to…!

So there’s a little look at a few new in bits on my makeup tray. I think I’ll continue to do this going forward as it’s a much easier way to do mini reviews of things I’ve been trying every day, rather than deep dives on single products constantly! Has anything caught your eye? Remember only buy if you need! And try if you can… (although I can’t talk cos I often fail myself here) to stick to my one in- one out policy of new makeup! Use something up before you replace it. I must do better at this. I must do better at this. I must do better at…

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