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My Festival Lowdown

My Festival Lowdown


Photos by COMB.

It’s getting closer to that time of year where we all huddle together in a field in the middle of nowhere for that one thing that always unites people, brings communities together, sparks new friendships and reignites old ones – that’s right, festival season. I think that little glimmer of sunshine that we had yesterday has got my brain in a spin thinking about the Summer ahead, and I think this outfit set reflects that.


I don’t think it matters what festival you go to.

I think there’s still some air of snobbery about a few festivals, and don’t get me wrong, there’s some i’ve been to in the past that i’d never go to again as they are aimed at a younger generation/not as enjoyable when you get a bit older, but i’d never be snobby about those who do go. Music takes many forms for that exact reason in that there’s always something for everybody. Music is also one of the most opinionated topics on the planet. If you’re an old fan, that’s judged. If you’re a new fan, you’re judged. If it’s a kooky genre, you’re judged. If it’s ’embarrassing’, you’re judged. Suddenly the whole world is a Belieber, when previously JB was dismissed purely based on his age and the persona he gave out. That’s part and parcel of the music industry, it’s choc full of opinions. You don’t always have to listen to them. Make your own and stick by them.

thrasher6So i’ve been judged for doing Download festival, people thinking it’s dirty, it’s not enjoyable and whenever i’m asked by those not into the scene – which does happen a fair bit in the fashion/beauty vertical – they instantly wonder what it’s like and why i’d choose to go. But really it’s one of the chillest, coolest and more fun festivals i’ve ever been to in my life. Similarly, those who religiously attend Download, may judge those who choose to attend Wireless. I think it’s interesting to see, and I also think the whole thing attracts a huge circus of opinion right from the get go. Festivals are one of the fiercest music related things that are instantly judged based on the first poster they put out that year of their line up. You might shudder in horror at the thought of Coldplay being at Glastonbury, but in reality, the chances of you actually seeing them should you not want to are so slim. I always love watching the reaction on Twitter play out in real time to a festival poster line up, with opinions flying left right and centre about who’s on and who’s not.


What I wore:

Top: Missguided*

Culottes: Boohoo*

Belt: Boohoo*

Jacket: really old Topshop

Sunglasses: Quay Australia

Shoes: Adidas Superstars exclusive to JD sports*


Personally, i’ve a few i’ve got my eye on this year.

I think Download looks amazing – one of it’s strongest line ups in years – similarly with Slam Dunk, too. Actually Slam Dunk is just going from strength to strength cementing itself as one of the UK’s best rock/alt festivals. I’ve been looking at V thinking it looks like a right laugh, and I should be making an appearance at 2000 Trees again this year too. I also have my eye on ArcTanGent, as well as my bae Reading fest. I’d love to make it to a festival abroad this Summer, it’s been two years since we made it to Groezrock and i’d love to return to something similar, i’ve always fancied Exit in Croatia and Primavera in Barcelona is a pretty safe bet for a good time. You know, we’re actually in Palm Springs when Coachella is on, so you never know… but if i’m honest it looks too $$ for me this year. I also missed the boat on SXSW, which is another one i’m dying to tick off my list. But i’ll get there. Actually something a lot closer to home i’ve always wanted to go to is Secret Garden Party. Maybe i’ll go and buy my ticket right now…

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Last year I went to Ibiza Rocks for the first time and I can’t recommend it more.

Actually just thinking about Ibiza Rocks is making me go a bit giddy with excitement. I never pinned myself as an Ibiza girl, but last year Malibu took me and Leanne Lim Walker and I swear to god we didn’t stop laughing. Ibiza Rocks was awesome from the get go. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, so it’s atmosphere is very relaxed and you feel at home there. Compared to my time in Magaluf, I also saw less of the standard British teenage ‘asshole’ that you might think you’d encounter. Ibiza for some reason has this magic vibe where people wanna chat to you, everyone’s into the music and it’s just great all round. The sun shines bright during the day and the pool hangouts are so relaxed and fun. I would 100% go again, and I wholeheartedly encourage looking into it if you want a party holiday.


In short, find something you’re excited about and go. Just go.

If you have spare cash ever in your life you should always save it for experiences, in my opinion anyway. I think stuff is nice to own, but stuff wont leave you with stories, with lasting memories that you’ll cherish forever. You wanna be that old grandmother/father that could sit for hours talking about Reading 2006, or that time you laughed so hard you pissed yourself – definitely happened to someone I know last year. Seriously. Life is way too short to not go to that festival you want to, and I know it’s getting more and more expensive by the day, but pop a bit of cash aside now in your next paycheck, and just go. I promise you wont regret it. Festivals are the place you can be yourself, you can become closer to the music and share that experience with so many other people. I think we’re kinda lucky in our country that it is a bit rainy and a bit quirky, cos our festival experience is absolutely unrivalled to anywhere else in the world.


I always do as many festivals as I can, and I never regret a minute of it.

So there’s been some festivals where i’ve definitely left early (ahem Parklife) or i’ve been a bit grumpy cos it rained on me and made me a cold drowned rat, or i’ve gotten a cold and had to escape to civilisation for a couple of hours. I also mostly stay in hotels now – i’ve never been a good happy camper and I’m often guilty of having two showers a day (i’m a bit weirdly clean like that) – but I wouldn’t change anything for the world. For the last three years i’ve done about 10-15 festivals a year, yup really, no joke, and i’ll keep doing that until I physically cant. Or I have a dog/baby, or something! Experience new genres, don’t say no to something that looks a bit different – some of the most unique festivals have been my favourite! Port Eliot didn’t even have music and i’d sell my soul to go again. It was truly an amazing experience. I’d love to know what festivals are on your hit list this year, or if you can recommend something to me to check out, i’d love to know.

Also, what would you like to see from me in terms of festival coverage this year? Would you like written interviews with artists, videos with bands or just some festival vibes/coverage? My Festival Postcard series on YouTube is one of my most popular, so don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere. I’ll see you in the field, really, really soon.

Ooh, and honestly, never ever say no to a food festival. Never.

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