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Mini MetalMatte Might Just Be The Best Kat Von D Palette Yet

Mini MetalMatte Might Just Be The Best Kat Von D Palette Yet

Photography & Words: Zoe London

I keep falling in love with new Kat Von D products I know, but bear with me on this one…

It feels like every beauty brand is releasing a brand new makeup palette every minute of the day. It’s all go for the next hottest thing, and there’s so many launches out there right now. It makes finding a great palette really difficult, and means you often rely on internet hype to find your next purchase. Well, here’s a palette I haven’t seen much internet hype about, that for me ticks every single box. In ten years or so of obsessive beauty buying, not many palettes have excited me as much as this one – so, why?

The Kat Von D Mini MetalMatte palette consists of five matte shades, and five shimmery shades. It’s a smaller, limited edition version of the already existing – but again limited edition – MetalMatte palette, that had 22 shades in total. Some of the shades are the same, but it appears two are new to the palette – Raw Power and Thunderstruck, although KVD aficionados will know that Thunderstruck & Raw Power are both already existing Metal Crush single pan eyeshadows, usually retailing at £16 each. While the shades in here are smaller, the mini MetalMatte palette retails at £36.

My initial thoughts were that this palette is an absolute travellers dream. Often I find I have to take two or three palettes to get every shade I need, but Mini MetalMatte has it all, and a huge mirror. It’s also totally Vegan, which is great. It’s got really great versatility with the looks you can create, from a softer more neutral look, to a bolder look – either in matte or shimmer. It’s also got that lovely capability for the ‘halo’ eye, a technique I learned from the Kat Von D Collective themselves recently – darker shades in both corners and a soft highlight in the middle.


As you can see, the pigmentation is pretty good. A couple under perform compared to the others, and they’re the darkest purple Velvet, and that soft banana yellow matte Feather. To be honest, I expected it from Feather as it’s near on impossible to make an amazingly even pigmented yellow let alone one that’s 100% Vegan, but I was a little disappointed in Velvet. In the pan, Velvet appears this rich, deep, luxurious thick purple, but as you can see it falls a little flat and patchy on the skin. It’s not the worst thing to happen however, as it still builds up nicely on the eye – just takes a little more work.

For me the stand out shades are Thunderstruck, Flash, Doce & Raw Power.

I’ve been doing two go to looks with it so far, the halo eye – on the left here – and a red toned eye with gold underneath – on the right. As I mentioned before, there’s so many options you can do and every time I look at this palette my mind runs riot with other ideas! I think the shimmers in this palette definitely have better payoffs than the matte ones, but the matte shades are beautiful too – even if they take a little more work. I’m determined to make Feather work for me, so hopefully I’ll be able to do a successful look with it soon.

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Honestly overall I think this palette is one of Kat Von D’s best yet. If only for how accessible it is to the consumer – I think most beauty addicts would be pushed to not find this absolutely stunning and alluring in shade selection. There’s no intimidating looking bright shades, and I think due to that it will open up Kat Von D to a whole new consumer. I think right now it can be a little overwhelming for your average makeup user, but Kat and the Artistry Collective have proven demonstrating and showing the uniqueness yet versatility for every day looks with the Mini MetalMatte, and I find that such an exciting prospect.

I think this palette is awesome and honestly since I got it I’ve barely worn any other palette! I’m hooked on how amazing this one is! Also, can we just note that the Metal and Matte wording – drawn by Kat as always – on the top of the palette changes when you flip it? That literally blew my mind when I picked it up!

What do you think of the Mini MetalMatte palette from Kat Von D? Are you already a KVD lover, or would something like this open you up to the brand and make you feel like it’s something you could use? Let me know in the comments!

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