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Meet The Urban Decay x Kristen Leanne Collection

Meet The Urban Decay x Kristen Leanne Collection

Photography & Words: Zoe London


Such an exciting collaboration between YouTuber Kristen Leanne and Urban Decay just dropped. Let’s check it out!

I was so excited for this collaboration collection to land, and I think it’s great they’ve gone back to dropping full collections in one go and not just a singular product. The Kristen Leanne for Urban Decay collection consists of two eyeshadow palettes, one highlighter palette, three of their Vice lipsticks and three Vice liquid lipsticks. As usual they’re the great Urban Decay standard of good pigmentation, interesting colours and pretty packaging – for me I think the collection has some unique bits in it, and this is why I think it deserves your attention today!

Kaledoscope Dream Eyeshadow Palette – £28.

Let’s start with what is arguably the main piece in the range, the Kaledoscope Dream Eyeshadow palette. It has eleven eyeshadow shades in it, ranging from duotones, mattes and vivid brights. It’s a really unique and somewhat strange arrangement in the palette, and I actually think it doesn’t do the colours justice, as it does look a bit of a jumble. It wasn’t until I swatched them all side by side that I fully fell in love and realised the versatility of this palette, and the amazing shade range. As you can see from my rainbow swatches above, there’s so many unique and different shades – I absolutely love the green shade Lime Time, and the pink shade Spitfire is one of the most pigmented and easy to blend duochrome pinks i’ve ever seen! I love the duochrome split in the middle, so versatile as a highlight in the inner corner or even to layer over existing shades. The gold shade Stay Gold made me gasp when I swatched it as it’s absolutely hyper pigmented, and the deep blue shade TRM is incredible too. In the campaign imagery, Kristen has the blue shades in her eyebrows and I absolutely love how they look on her. I think this palette is definitely good value for money simply due to how many different looks you can create with it. I also don’t think any of the shades are a dud, which is awesome. The only one I maybe would have skipped would have been the brown shade Corona, but for what it’s worth it’s still a good eyeshadow.

Daydream Eyeshadow Palette – £25.

Now, when I first saw this in the Urban Decay imagery I was surprised – a neutral palette? For me it wasn’t the standout of the range, but it wasn’t until I tried it on that it came to a bit more life. The absolute gem in this palette is the middle sorta orange toned vibrant red shade 12/12, which is super unusual and absolutely lovely on. The other standout shade is the very palest, Lucy, which has amazing pigment and blends easily. Personally I think the other three shades in the palette aren’t amazing, but overall it makes a dead easy travel palette for on the go. I would definitely recommend this for newbies to the grungey neutral world though, and also matte lovers as every shade in this lil palette is matte – which is always good for pairing with a bold lip. For me I don’t think it’s the best palette i’ve ever seen, only because it’s been done before and I own a million like it – but for what it costs and what you get, you absolutely can’t argue with it being a lovely palette. I can see myself reaching for that middle shade 12/12 a lot!

Vice Lipsticks in Bun Bun, Cloud9 and Spellbound – £16.50 each.

So I already own a few of the existing range of Urban Decay Vice lipsticks, and they are brilliant. I’m still having a liquid lip moment, so admittedly I don’t reach for them as much as I could, but playing with these three reminded me how much I love them. I also think they’re dead affordable, last a long time and come in a really wide range of shades. The three in the Kristen Leanne collection are Bun Bun, which is a brownish nude in their Comfort Matte formula, Cloud9, a bright fuchsia pink also in the Comfort Matte formula, and lastly Spellbound, a dark plum violet purple which is in their Mega Matte formula. You do notice the difference between the two formulas, as the Comfort Matte slides on with ease, and the Mega Matte takes a lot more work – but there’s no compromise in formula or staying power. Out of the three, Spellbound is still my favourite in terms of shade – mostly because it’s super flattering on pale skin tones like mine. It would also look absolutely beautiful on dark skin tones, too. Bun Bun is nice, but not anything i’ve not seen before – and Cloud9 isn’t really my vibe. It’s very bold, and it stained my lips quite a bit after I took it off – but if fuchsia pink is your jam you will absolutely die with happiness because the pigment in it is incredible. I would 100% recommend the Vice Lipstick range if you’ve not tried it before, if the Kristen Leanne ones aren’t up your street they legit have absolutely hundreds in store – I often go in just to play and swatch with all the shades!



Vice Liquid Lipsticks in Forget and Forgive – sold as a duo for £22.

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Now these are an absolute steal. The two come in a duo set for just £22, which is amazing when the usual Vice lipsticks – same weight of 5.3g – are sold individually for £16.50! There’s another Vice lipstick in the Kristen Leanne range that is sold separately, but I don’t have it to share today. The two shades are Forget, which is a coral nude, and Forget – a mauve nude. Both are gorgeous, and I adore them both. I also love the formula of these as they go on easy, blend easy and dry down to a non-budge formula. They’re not too drying, but they do dry down completely. I genuinely can’t decide which one is my favourite, I think at a push it would be Forget, but they’re both very flattering and would look great on all skin tones. Mega thumbs up from me, not only are these a bargain but they’re amazing too and if you’re into a matte nude lip you need these in your arsenal.

Beauty Beam Highlight Palette – £22.

Lastly we have the Beauty Beam Highlight Palette, which is absolutely gorgeous. I used to have some of those trio Urban Decay Highlighter and blush palettes from before, and this reminds me of those. All three are slightly different, and you can wear them individually or swirl your brush around the palette to mix together and wear blended. I decided to wear the palest shade simply named White in the middle just because I knew it would compliment the look I already had on. Again, this is great for travelling because it gives you that flexible option of three individual highlight shades, or one epic blended one. It’s a little hard to take swatch photos of highlighter so hopefully you can see it on my cheeks there, but it’s a lovely pigment and shimmer without being too glittery. I didn’t see any fall out from this, and loved the amount of shimmer it left behind. Because it’s so pocket sized, I can see myself reaching for this when on the go in my handbag, or travelling. I love to use it on my cupids bow, top of cheeks and under my brows for the perfect highlighted look!

There we go! I hope you enjoyed my roundup and swatch info of the Kristen Leanne x Urban Decay collection! Overall I think it’s super strong, with a good blend of products, in different and unique shade ranges, with excellent pigment quality that we come to expect from Urban Decay. I think they’ve done an amazing job with this range, and i’m glad to see a new collection launch all in one go. I love it!

It’s amazing to see someone like Kristen get a range with such a prominent high street retailer, someone alternative with bright hair and covered in tattoos, wearing makeup so beautifully expressively and individually. When I was younger and trying to express myself through makeup, I would always go to the Urban Decay counter in Cambridge and play with all the bright eyeshadows, wishing I had a better understanding of makeup to learn how to use them! I would have been so inspired by someone like Kristen having a range, as a kid who really was alternative in dress sense, it would have meant the world to me. I’m so glad to see it now, and to inspire future young generations to be really creative and individual with their makeup.

I think we’re in the middle of such an amazing boom with the amount of young people – guys and girls alike – really getting to grips with makeup, with their creativity knowing no bounds and their love of colour and texture being understood so young. There are so many incredible young teen YouTubers and online creators out there in this field, and I can see this collection being really inspiring for them. I’m so glad to live in a time when our young people really can push their limits of art through makeup, and be accepted for their true self. I have always loved Kristen’s channel for this reason as it really consistently encourages this, that along with her bright hair dye range Arctic Fox, for me she really is someone to look up to, and I couldn’t be happier Urban Decay chose her for this range.

Let me know what you think in the comments and if you’ll be picking any of this collection up!

*Disclaimer: Urban Decay gifted me this entire range, but I am not paid to feature it nor is this a paid for promotional collaboration, I chose to feature it because I loved it!

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