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Looking Forward

Photography: Kaye Ford | Zoe London


Looking to a brand new year, with fresh eyes and excitement.

Of course with a new year comes the willingness and want to start afresh. It’s not a requirement, but feels like turning over a fresh leaf. There’s something lovely about starting again, at 01/01/2018, looking to the future and gathering up ideas for the year ahead. It feels even more poignant when you’re self employed, another chance to smash your own personal targets, to try and better yourself and to expand the empire to which the foundations you have already laid. February 2018 for me marks eight years blogging – eight!! – and it feels like an exciting time for me – finally my hard work is paying off.

This year felt like a turning point in so many ways. I worked a lot harder behind the scenes with my management to secure more financial collaborations, and had more brands approach us to work together. It’s not all about money, but it gets to a point where you want to grow every bit of the business, and well, I do have two weddings and a house to pay for. I’m not earning mega YouTuber bucks, don’t get ideas, but it’s so far been the most financially successful year of my life – eclipsing my previous office jobs. Not something I ever thought I could do off my own back. Signing to Red Hare a couple of years ago (I’ve been under their management coming up to about three years) signified a turning point in itself, but the last year the company has been able to grow. They’ve had multiple successes, meaning they’ve been able to expand their company far beyond what it was before, and meant people like me got more of a dedicated member of staff to work with. I’ve had the most amazing year with Rebecca at Red Hare, but she is moving to the younger YouTubers on the network, and next year I move onto team Elle, and from the conversations of plans we’ve had already it’s going to be a truly amazing year. I’m so proud to be a part of their inclusive, innovative management company and I can’t wait to get stuck into our year ahead.

I also started to grow my channel in a new way, adapting music content to fit the market need, making interviews more personal and tailored to my audience. I started a new series with two amazing musicians (the second one is to go live in the new year!) and I hope to continue working on even more music content. I love interviewing people, and after years of trying to break into this with no real interview ‘credentials’ behind me, many shut doors and setbacks, people are starting to notice. There’s not really much money in this sadly, so it’s still a labour of love for me, but nevertheless something I’ll constantly persist with.

In terms of my personal style, I’m in two minds about where it’s gone this year. I definitely felt a bit of pressure to conform a little, but tried to stay true to my own style. I’m in a bit of a weird fashion headspace because I’m worried I’m getting too old to dress the way I did before. When I look at the Zoe that started this blog in 2010, I was 20/21, with a totally different life and style. I’m not that girl anymore, and even though it seems like only yesterday I was 25, I’m not. I’m nearing 30 and I do want to mature my style and become a little more refined. Look, I’m an alt girl at heart and I always will be, but I felt a bit conflicted this year between diverting from my individual style or smartening up how I normally dress. I’m learning as time goes on and looking back at photo sets really help, which is where having a blog is like having your diary right there to hand. I want to do a style history video on my channel as well as some more personal style journeys and I think that will really help me going forward.

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Of course we have the wedding to look forward to, but that is a total other conversation to just this post. We also have a brand new house to play with, and there’s so much to plan and do. I feel so excited for my future, I might be turning 29, but I feel like I’m in a better space than ever. Both mentally and physically.

I’d love you to leave a comment with something you’re looking forward to in 2018, maybe you have a super cool holiday planned, or a big life event too. Maybe you’re starting a new job, finishing uni… I’d love to hear from you and I wish you the most happiest of new year celebrations. I’m spending mine inside, eating food with good company. See you in 2018! There’s so much to look forward to…

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