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Light & Free Artist Collaboration 

Light & Free Artist Collaboration 

*this post is a paid for advertorial with Light & Free.
Light & Free has always stood for positivity and self-expression, and to mark this for the start of 2019 they’ve collaborated with four amazing artists, to design limited edition packaging that covers the eight flavours and personality of the brand perfectly.

To celebrate this they invited me and some other bloggers to an afternoon of creativity and expression through graffiti art! I have always wanted to play about with graffiti more and luckily the guys at Graffiti Life were on hand to help us out. We had a crash course in how to hold the paint can as well as learning how to do gradients and fades, and further understanding how the artists took the concept from their design to real life on the packaging. The task was to design our own pot ourselves! Of course ours was only a hypothetical pot, which we painted on large boards with spray paint. As you can see I went for a sunny vibe, with tropical inspiration and a nod to my first ever tattoo – the ultimate form of self expression – in my palm tree. Of course mine is a little wobbly… beginner level here for sure… but hopefully you can see where I was going with it! I got some inspiration from the coconut flavour packaging which has these beautiful purple and blue palm leaves on them, for me that truly embodies feeling ‘light & free’ and that’s where my main inspiration came from. Let me tell you, painting with a spray can is hard! My hands were genuinely aching! It was so great to have an afternoon off my phone and just enjoying expressing myself in a totally unique way – I can’t thank Light & Free enough for that.

In terms of the flavour because I know you’re all dying to know which is my favourite, for me it is all about the strawberry flavour, and I love that Light & Free has over 30% fewer calories than most full fat fruit yoghurts. The coconut one is also delicious, of course. Anyway the Strawberry packaging perfectly matched our bright red boiler suits, which I kept in the hope that I could again express myself through art inspired by this amazing afternoon.

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What do you think? Would you give graffiti painting a go? And which one of the Light & Free flavours/packaging is your fave – let me know in the comments!

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