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An Ode To The IT Cosmetics CC Cream

An Ode To The IT Cosmetics CC Cream


You know when you find something you just love so much that you can’t remember your routine before it? That. I had tried the IT Cosmetics CC Cream before, but the shade selection in it was a little poor for my skin tone and I found that the palest shade never really matched me properly until Summer. It was always left behind. When I went on my honeymoon in the Maldives I took along with me the newer Oil-Free Matte version and fell in love. It fell victim to me forgetting it and leaving it behind though, so I was quick to rectify that back on arrival in the UK! So why has this one particular product got me all loved up? Well, IT Cosmetics has such a lovely focus for a brand, it works on enhancing the user’s skin for lightweight, great coverage without feeling cakey. Every product in their line feels like this. The owner – Jamie Kern Lima – was previously a local news anchor, who found that covering her rosacea under the bright studio lights and HD cameras was a difficult task. So she packed it in and made IT Cosmetics – I mean that’s an abridged version but the rest is history. With something needing to cover rosacea without feeling cakey or heavy, you know you’re on to a winner. And boy does this stuff work.

She further developed the range with plastic surgeons to make the ultimate colour correcting and full coverage foundation and voila – the CC cream was born.

IT Cosmetics was well established in America before coming over to the UK back in 2017. Of course the CC cream was high on everyone who had heard about its’ list of priorities, but like I said for me the shade wasn’t quite right. Fast forward to now and they have three different versions of the CC cream available, one being the newer Oil-Free matte finish, which also rolled out in some brand new shades. Amazing. For me I like a matte finish but nothing too matte. I love my skin to keep it’s natural texture, it’s natural glow and luminosity. I’m about to make a very bold claim. I hope you’re ready. Are you sat down? I think this product is the best foundation product I have ever tried. Ever. No, really. I do. But why?

The CC cream in Oil-Free Matte completely retains your skin’s look and feel. It leaves you semi matte and semi glowing. When applied with fingers it makes the freshest, perkiest looking skin base. I have never had as many compliments in real life and on the internet as I have had since I started wearing this regularly. I get people messaging me saying i’m using Facetune. I am not using Facetune. At all. This product genuinely makes that glowing, smoothed out skin that just looks like your real skin. You know their tagline is – Your Skin But Better – and honestly that is no joke. I am obsessed with this product. Ob. Sessed.

Please observe my face with no Facetune used (not that I normally do, I am happy to clarify I do not) but honestly, what a wonder product. Now of course great skin starts with your skincare routine, and if you can keep up a good one it’ll show on the outside. But for those of you who may have rosacea, scarring, or any other skin condition – this will totally cover it. For acne you still need your concealer on the top to keep that at bay, but for redness or any sort of skin redness like that it is a wonder product. I have a weird patch on the left hand side of my face that is just dry, sad and constantly red and this product completely covers it. In the swatches above you can see the Matte CC on the bottom and the Original on the top and this is for a shade reference. The Original is shade Fair, and the Matte is shade Fair-Light. This on me has that rosier undertone rather than yellow that totally works on my skin. If i’m after even more of a glowy finish, I mix a bit of the two together. The only small complaint I have is that for me toward the end of the day it goes oily and shiny on my nose, but that’s nothing a little powder doesn’t fix, and also I do have a pretty shiny nose

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I know it’s not like me to totally gush about a product but for something that I think could genuinely revolutionise your makeup bag – it’s well warranted. I haven’t put this down since I got it at the start of January and I don’t intend on doing so any time soon either. I finish my look with the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer and the Becca Colour Corrector under my eyes and to cover any spots and for me that is my foolproof makeup base.

What do you think of the IT Cosmetics CC Cream? Do you use it in Original, Matte or Illuminating? If you haven’t tried it, will you be picking it up? Let me know!

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