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I’m Going To Get Fit

I’m Going To Get Fit



I’m honestly useless at fitness. But I want to change.

I’m not very good at fitness, or sports, or even going to the gym. I actually can’t say i’ve ever been inside a gym. I imagine it to be like that of Dodgeball, or something. No seriously, i’ve no idea. I’m beyond useless. So far useless there’s not even a word in the dictionary to describe how unfit I am. But I want – and need – to change.

I struggle with sleep problems and a myriad of health issues that we’re still trying to get to the bottom of, that of which are exacerbated by my lack of exercise. By not keeping my body pumping the blood around, i’m getting tired, lethargic and generally unfit. But I want to change this. January is mostly regarded as *the* fitness month, but that was way too cold for me – hey we gotta start slowly okay – so i’m rolling with February.


I’ve recently found myself reaching for trainers over most other footwear for daily use. I love how the old school styles have come back around, and also how you can wear trainers up or down depending on what you’re wearing them with. I adore these Nike Accora Reflect* trainers that I got at their press day a while back, because they’ve got these mad iridescent sections that just glow and sparkle under light. They’re pretty fun. I know what you’re thinking, they’re not really the best running trainers. They’re not. But they’re good for walking and jogging in the Wintery mud, which at the moment is all i’m capable of before pushing my body too far.


I teamed my Nike Acorra’s with this lightweight longsleeve top.

I’ve been wearing this Nike Long Sleeve Logo Top* for a while in various ways now and it really is the most comfortable piece of fitness wear I own. I love the sweater style sleeve cuffs mixed with the soft cotton for a good little jog – remember i’m taking this whole thing slow – and when I rode a quad bike through the Moroccan mountains, it was the perfect outfit choice.


I don’t know much about fitness, but I know I need to pace myself.

So I want to eventually build myself up to good workouts. I can currently do short jogs before getting out of breath, and I know that’s the point I need to stop at at the moment before I make myself sick or dehydrated. I always bring a bottle of water with me wherever I go so that’s pretty much a given, and headphones I think are perfect as running to music is always easier. So i’m going to start with short runs, and each day I run again take it a little further. I think getting myself up and out of the office is going to do my health the world of good.

They say that it’s all about a healthy lifestyle, and i’m doing some parts of it more or less right – I eat a balanced diet and I do look after myself – but i’m not balancing it out with the right amount of exercise at the moment, and now I have the drive and push to do so, so i’m going to.

This whole post might look so out of character to you, and that’s because it is, for me.


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I recently got myself an Apple Watch, and i’ve been testing out the fitness app on it.

So I say, I got myself one, but really it was the darling George who got me an Apple Watch. It’s not the Sport edition, so if you’re a fitness fan and you’re thinking it looks a bit too fashion to be the Sport one, that’s because it is! I love the fitness tracker and counter, and even though I have mine set pretty low at the moment, i’m still ticking off my daily goals and getting to grips with forcing myself up and away from the computer to walk or jog for a bit. I think the Apple Watch is so useful for fitness things like that, it’s kinda all encompassing in the sense that it pretty much does it all for you. I just have to find the motivation, and the watch calculates for me what i’ve done. I’m really pleased with it so far and i’ve been trying to hit my fitness goals all of January. I did fail a few days, but the days I hit it, I felt really good. And, I slept better, too.


So for me it feels like a no-brainer. Let’s do this.

I know that concentrating on running your own little empire and then juggling other things in your general day to day life admin isn’t easy, but I feel ready to push myself to do so. I’m so sick of waking up feeling tired, or not pumping the blood around my body. I used to dance after school about three times a week and I always slept well, I woke up well and I felt fitter in myself. I can’t really bust a move like I used to anymore, but I want to get back to those levels. So, let’s do this. This post if anything is just a bit of motivation for me, and I hope maybe it motivates you too if you’re a full on fitness newbie like me. I think that even the most un co-ordinated and unfit person can do something to get their body going again. Like I said, it’s baby steps right now, and i’m not stretching myself. But I am willing to try, and honestly? I think that’s the first step.


See you on the other side.

Oh and if you’d like a full review of the Apple Watch do let me know, I will definitely do a little write up. Also if you have tips, small at home workouts I can do without busting a hip, i’d love to hear them in the comments below! Are you like me?

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