IGK Is The Hair Brand From The US You Need To Know

Photography & Words: Zoe London

Additional photography by Corinne Cumming & Kaye Ford

And it’s launching here in the UK in a few days, too…!

One of my major missions every time I scour those shelves of Sephora in the USA, is to bring back some of their finest brands we can’t get here at home. Sephora has become not only the go to store for more or less everything, but in the last year it’s committed itself to being a launch pad for new, indie and unknown brands. One of which is IGK, a US born brand, by global hair stylists. Having launched in 2016, IGK is the ultimate in modern cool hair, aiming to please both guys and girls of a new generation. I fell in love with it in 2016 after it hit the shelves in Miami, and took one product home to try.

I have quite a few different products from IGK hair now, and it all started with the Down and Out Dirty Spray. It cost $29 and it was highlighted on Sephora’s website as one to watch, shortly after it’s release. I love a texture spray and so picked it up as a gateway into whether or not I liked the brand. IGK’s range is centred around three cities, the primary cities that the IGK founder stylists work and run salons in – LA, NYC and Miami. The Down and Out Dirty Spray is part of the Miami range vibe, and it really does help create those effortless beach grunge wave textures. I love it.

After falling in love with that product, I picked up a few more on our trips in 2017. I actually have eight of their products in total now, and I love every single one – not one has been a dud or bad formula. Infact, some of them have become instant favourites in my hair roster, and to be honest with you I’m relieved they’re launching in the UK because I was starting to run low! Let’s start with my two must-have favourite products for when it launches here.

The Mistress Hydrating Hair Balm is for me the standout product that I’ve tried of the range so far. It’s a soft gel texture, that blends seamlessly into wet hair and doesn’t leave a trace of grease, nor oily deposit – often found with this kind of balm. My hair and hair extensions just eat this up for breakfast. When I travel and can’t pack this (stupid luggage allowances) I really really notice the difference after blowdrying my hair. It helps smooth out any flyaways, it keeps thick hair hydrated and shiny, and has meant my extensions have lived on to be used again and again. I haven’t found a product like this in the UK, and to me this product is the one you need!

I also absolutely love the Jet Lag Invisible Dry Shampoo, which I went back to buy a travel size of after loving the large size of! Why do I love it so much? It smells lovely, it’s a really light texture so doesn’t deposit anything behind – good for coloured hair gals – it is the only one I’ve ever found that doesn’t have that thick weighty product feeling in the hair. It does just refresh the hair, adding a small amount of volume and generally making my hair feel much better on non-wash days!

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My other products are the Expensive Amla Oil Hi-Shine Topcoat, the Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel and the Call Time Styling Primer. I like the Expensive Topcoat a lot, but if you have quite thick hair like my extensions were, it is quite an expensive (lives up to it’s name quite literally) way of conditioning it! You need quite a lot for thick hair and it definitely eats it up! It’s amazing though, and I really like using it – just save it as more of a treat for my hair. The Mistress balm spreads further through thick hair and conditions/hydrates just as well. The Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel is also a lovely product, it’s much thicker than the Mistress balm and has shimmer running through it so deposits a bit of sparkle and shine into the hair. Again, I use this on wet hair and it has such a lovely non greasy non thick finish. The only one I don’t reach for all that much – probably because it’s just a travel size for trial! – is the Call Time Primer, but I also don’t use much heat on my hair. When I do want to use heat I use this on my hair and it’s lovely, but just naturally in my routine it’s the least used at the moment.

IGK is set to launch in Space NK on February 12th, and I think it’s a brilliant addition to our UK hair styling shelves. It’s just that right mix of stylist quality, with obtainable and easy to use consumer needs. I love the finish it gives my hair – a lot of people ask me why it’s so shiny and it’s because of a combination of these products being used regularly!

Next on my hit list are the amazing Holographic Foam which is a duo chrome highlighter for hair. No, really. It’s been taking those little viral videos by storm and is actually released in America this week I believe, so hopefully won’t take too long to hit our shores! I also really want to try the Thirsty Girl Coconut Milk Leave In Conditioner, the Smoke & Mirrors Conditioning Cleansing Oil, the Car Service Blow Out Balm… okay I actually think it’s pretty safe to say that by this point I want to try the entire range, so watch this space while my IGK collection expands!

What do you think of IGK hair? Will it be on your hit list when it launches in Space NK? You know I’m always honest, and having spent all my own dollar on this product myself, I mean it when I say it really does come Zoe London approved! I can’t tell you the amount of my friends who tagged me in the Space NK announcement of it coming here!

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