I Use A Lot Of Kevin Murphy Hair Products – Here’s Why

My hair. It’s been symbolic with not only me as an influencer but my blog pretty much since it’s inception. I’ve always been ‘the blogger with the blue hair’ and despite not having blue for years now… I’m still known in a lot of circles as that person. As you can imagine, a lifetime of dying, bleaching, stripping and styling my hair has taken it’s toll – and I’m conscious of always making sure I can look after my hair properly where I can. I invest a lot of time and money (although I’m so thankful for what I am gifted!) into looking after my hair, and I think the results do speak for themselves. I’m gonna show you some of the products that dominate my collection (although trust me there are a lot and I love a lot of brands!) as this brand has been really consistently good for me, and that’s Kevin Murphy – stylised as KEVIN.MURPHY. Let’s dive in.

*This post contains entirely product gifted to me as PR. For more information on how this works, please click the Disclosure tab. 

From the very first time I was gifted KEVIN.MURPHY, I loved it. I was first gifted the product Bedroom.Hair* (pr gift) which is a texturising hairspray, and it was love at first sight. I’ve been able to be a part of the KEVIN.MURPHY family for a while and I’m lucky to own what feels like a whole salon worth of their incredible products. But make no mistake, half of the bottles in these pics are almost empty. These aren’t show products. I use them religiously – and so does George.

Let’s start with a little background info on KEVIN.MURPHY incase you haven’t come across the brand before or used it. Kevin himself is a very successful Australian hairdresser, who’s known for his impeccable styling. The hair care range takes inspiration from skincare, and is formulated without sulphates, parabens or cruelty using the highest quality ingredients – many of which are organic. They have one of the biggest ranges of vegan haircare that I’ve seen with only a couple not being vegan. One of the best things about the KEVIN.MURPHY haircare range is – the packaging is made from 100% reclaimed ocean waste plastic. One, hundred, percent. They are the first beauty brand to do this, in turn saving 360 tons of plastic from the ocean each year. They’ve set the precedent for other brands to follow and it’s incredible.

So I actually own and love even more KEVIN.MURPHY products than are photographed here but I thought for the sake of this post not being a dissertation size long, I’d narrow it down to my proper tried and tested favourites, so you could get a window into the brand and what I think is some of their best products.

Let’s start with the shampoos and conditioners.
First up the Angel.Rinse* (pr gift) and Angel.Wash* (pr gift) – this range is formulated for those with fine, fragile and broken hair, that needs a gentle formula to recover and restore shine, thickness – and to soothe & protect hair. I actually like this best mixed with another shampoo, the Repair.Me.Wash* (pr gift). I find the combo of a squidge of Angel.Wash and a squidge of Repair.Me.Wash is the dream combo for my hair. Some people report Angel.Wash can be a little too thick and leave their hair a bit greasy, and while I’ve only found this if I use too much product – mixed with Repair.Me.Wash it’s perfect! My Repair.Me.Wash is actually empty in these photos I love it so much I’ve finished it!

The star of the show for me is the Angel.Rinse* (pr gift). A tiny bit of this goes such a long way and it makes my hair SO soft. It really makes my hair shiny, weightless and enhances elasticity. I absolutely love it. I’d recommend it to everyone, not just those with fine hair!

I also have a new range of shampoo & conditioner, the Hydrate.Me.Rinse* (pr gift) and Hydrate.Me.Wash* (pr gift). These products are for hair that ‘resists repair’ and are super smoothing and hydrating. They are enriched with Kakadu plum, which has the highest concentration of vitamin c for any known plant. I’ve only used these a few times in comparison to the others but already they are a firm favourite. Something about all of these shampoos and conditioners is they absolutely smell beautiful – natural but fragrant and almost glowy if that’s a way to describe hair that you know what I mean! I always get compliments on how nice my hair smells! This runs through every KEVIN.MURPHY product, too.

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To the KEVIN.MURPHY product that started it all for me – Bedroom.Hair* (pr gift). This is an absolute cult product for KEVIN.MURPHY and it is utterly amazing. It’s a hairspray that adds a light hold, for a flexible lived in look. Whenever you’ve seen me with soft beach waves – this product has been used to seal them in. It keeps hair soft, but adds texture and hold without making hair crispy, crunchy or generally feeling icky. Pretty sure this is my fourth can!

A product I love so much I used on my wedding day – and again, am on my second bottle of! – is the Shimmer.Shine* (pr gift). It’s a repair mist, that tames flyaways and adds shine without any oily residue. This is by far the best of this type of product I have ever used from any brand. It keeps hair looking like hair, but adds shine. Have you ever tried to add oil to just the ends of the hair to tame any breakage after styling and it’s ended up looking heavy and greasy all over? I defo have. This product entirely eliminates that. As you can see it’s sparkly! It adds and illuminating light reflecting shimmer that makes hair look even shinier than it is. It also features vitamins, baobab seed oil, antioxidant rich bamboo extract and immortelle, a flowering plant from the daisy family. I have a version of this that’s purple for blonde hair too and I love it. Love. Love. Love.

Honestly I could talk about hundreds of styling products that I love of theirs but I will keep it fairly narrow! Killer.Waves* (pr gift) is an epic curl enhancer, works for those with medium textured and curly hair, as well as straight hair heads like mine who add curl. Again it’s full of vitamins and baobab seed, I spray it into towel dry hair and it helps me style my curls! There’s a version for curled hair, too. I also love Heated.Defense* (pr gift) so much that what you’re seeing is a completely empty bottle! Pretty straight forward, it’s just a really good heat defence spray. Protects hair up to 232 degrees and reduces damage. It works a bloody wonder on my hair!

An interesting product that lives on that ethos of haircare like skincare I mentioned earlier is the product Young.Again* (pr gift). This is a leave in treatment oil that supposedly restores hair to it’s youthful self. Both George and I love this, it’s full of antioxidants and is also a heat protector up to 93 degrees. I find this is really nice as a soak bath treatment when I’m having a nice long bath!

There’s also the Session.Spray* (pr gift) which is a stronger, firmer hold hairspray if you want something a little stronger than Bedroom.Hair.

So there’s a bit of an introduction to KEVIN.MURPHY, if you go and browse their product you’ll see it’s extensive! It’s an incredible brand with an amazing ethos, and the stuff actually just works. No fluff, no marketing spiel, just good products. That’s why I have so many and why I truly love the brand. I think it’s so admirable that they have taken a stand to use 100% recycled ocean waste plastic, and I hope it pushes other brands to do the same.

I absolutely adore KEVIN.MURPHY and I hope you will too! Remember to check them out when you need to replace your hair products! They retail in the uk on Cult Beauty. (non aff link)

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    • Hi there,nice to finally see someone talking about the amazing kevin murphy,no one has ever heard of him lol
      I to can vouch for his products,they are amazing,and i have really difficult hair,it is long,curly,can be course and frizzy,and i have tried about everything,and nothing comes close to kevin murphy products.
      I use the smooth again shampoo and conditioner,and the killer waves,and i am about to try the plumping range and shimmer shine spray.
      To anyone reading this,please try them,you can thank me later lol
      Great review by the way!

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