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Holographic Hair By IGK

Holographic Hair By IGK

Photos & Words: Zoe London

The best and easiest holographic sparkly hair product I’ve ever used!

First up, this is absolutely impossible to photograph properly and do justice. Trust me on that! I spent a whole afternoon trying. With that aside, let me introduce you to IGK Hair Foamo, a holographic mousse hair product. As you know, I love IGK hair, and I had been hotly anticipating the launch of Foamo for several months before it made it’s way over the UK shores. With festival season, summer holidays and general sunshine approaching, I figured it was finally time to share the absolute beyond gorgeousness that is Foamo.

Foamo actually comes in two shades, Moon Rock and Meteor. The shade I have is Moon Rock, which is a duochromatic pink and green affair – that of which my camera did not capture as spectacularly as it looks in real life! It’s quite a small bottle, which squirts out into a sparkly pretty pink mousse. As with all mousse, you do have to work fairly quickly with it, as it dries into the hair quite quickly. Not like normal mousse however, you can apply this straight onto dry and styled hair – I tonged my hair first and finished it up before applying Foamo right at the very end, so it should be the last step in your hair routine should you be applying it. Of course, I have purple hair as a base, so the pinkness of this shade doesn’t really show on me, and I do think it would look better/more striking on blonde or brown hair, but irregardless it still came out really well and had a beautiful impact.

Now, the key to this is in the application. It isn’t really the simplest of things to use straight off the bat, but with a little guidance and practise, it can become quite a quick application. IGK showed me how to use it at the event I went to with a small tint brush, but for the average hair user I don’t think this is the best application unless it’s just the root tint you’re after. Personally, I think it works really well if you just squeeze into your hands, rub together and then run really really delicately and gently through the ends of your hair. The thing with this product is, to get a good look you need to put quite a lot on, but when you put a lot on your hair goes dry and crunchy, so it’s a bit of a fine line to get right.

I think you can achieve two looks with this, and that’s how to get the best out of it. Scrunching and running fingers through the ends of curls gives this insanely beautiful sparkly subtle duochromatic shimmer, which hopefully you can kind of see the effect of in my photo. And then of course, the root tint/root application – you could do just root tint for festivals, or you could pull your hair up into a bun/space buns and apply to the top.. there’s quite a few different applications.

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While this product is one of the best I’ve tried, I think it’s worth remembering it is a mousse and therefore on your hair will behave like one. Put too much on and it will make your hair crispy and crunchy – and that’s definitely easy to do. It takes a few practises to get it right without it ending up like that, but the results are beautiful when it does. What I like about this is that it’s making the glitter hair/glitter root trend accessible for everyone – not everybody out there wants huge chunks of glitter in their hair or to do a really bold look. This look can be subtle, and can be built up. It really can be customised depending on what you like and what your vibe is – and I love that.

While it is on the pricey side, I think it’s worth it as there’s nothing else out there like it and with this finish – and I think it’s such a nice accessory to the outfit or makeup for your look! It’s worth noting that you do get a fair bit of glitter fall out with this product, but I wore it for 8 hours and it still looked great at the end!

With Coachella in sight, I think we’re gonna be seeing a lot more of IGK’s Foamo. I’d love to know what you think and if this is a product you’d pick up to try? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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