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Hello Gallo!

Hello Gallo!

galloedit2Adventures are sometimes planned, and sometimes not. 

If you’ve been following my Instagram and Snapchat, you’ll have seen that George and I left London for California a couple of months ago. Okay so, we’ve done this before. But this time it was different. The streets were ours, we have haunts we love, and we could return and visit friends we left behind last time, to see how a year in their life across the other side of the world progressed since we left. I’m all for adventure to new places, but there’s something wonderful about the familiarity of your favourite holiday destination welcoming you back with open arms, and for us both, Los Angeles is that. 


However, this adventure was planned long in advance.

I’m a girl who likes to know where she’s going. I need to know the flight number, the hotel, and the best restaurant that the locals eat at. I can’t help that, I don’t want to just wander into something I don’t think is going to give me the best experience. But, that said, I’m not precious about spontaneity. I actually think some of the best travels are the ones that are thought out, but left until the last minute. So with that in mind, I actually got to spend some time with George in-between being so busy lately – in our very own garden nonetheless – and we set about planning another very last minute adventure that we can laugh about in years to come.


Having a garden is just incredible. Living in a tiny box flat in the middle of London was amazing, but we needed space and places to chill. Now we have that, and being able to sit in our very own garden, just together, with the barbecue burning and the Gallo Spritz – a glass of Raspberry and Lime for me, Peach and Nectarine for George – on ice was the afternoon we both needed. 


We laughed about some California memories and in-jokes that will always make me cry tears of joy over this glorious English sunny afternoon, and with the refreshing Gallo Spritz in hand I actually often felt like I was already on holiday. Especially since Gallo Spritz is inspired by the sun-drenched fruits of California. Which actually led me to think that really, we don’t always need to plan any sort of adventure at all, and some times the best adventure is right in front of our eyes, and perhaps we just needed a little sunshine to remind us. And if you can’t get to California, the Gallo Spritz is a definite taste of the west coast. 

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