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Is Glossier Just Hype?

Is Glossier Just Hype?

Photography & Words: Zoe London


I’m a sucker for hype products. I know, I know. So lets talk the latest hype: Glossier.

I don’t really know much about Emily Weiss. I know Into The Gloss, but I don’t religiously read it. However, what I do know is that she knows how to market a product. From it’s beginnings as a small showroom in the heart of New York, hidden up in the penthouse of an office building on the Lower East Side, to it’s recent expansion as far as UK shipping – the hype is real. Whatever team is behind this brand, the fruits of their labours will be very successful with this. You’ve heard of it, your favourite blogger is raving about it, your friend has asked you to explain it – you want it.

I was a little late to Glossier, mostly because I didn’t get to New York to pick some up. I’d seen it launch, get some traction, then slowly watched it grow in front of my eyes with a want and a desire to try it – but with no means to. Often, the successful formula to a hype product = make something people can’t get. If you can’t get it, you want it. Why do you think MAC only ever make a very small amount of their limited edition products? They know you’ll want it more. It’s smart, and relies on our compulsion of keeping up with others combined with always wanting the latest stuff. I’m not here to judge that today, that’s just how we are.

So, now it’s just launched in the UK and finally everyone can get their hands on it. Is it worth it? I was lucky enough to attend a launch party, as well as the day after the launch party – flying to New York City. Glossier double whammy of paradise, right?! Now I was a little sneaky here, and I knew the launch party was the day before we flew, so I was strategic. Possibly the most hyped of all the products is the Milky Jelly Cleanser, and I figured – probably a bit presumptuously of me, but I am eight years into the blogging game so you can forgive me – they’d gift it to me at the launch. They did. I didn’t pack a cleanser of my own, so I was then going to use this the entire trip, to really test it out and take me away from my usual comfort skincare zone (aka Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish/Clarins Pure Melt, my ride or die cleansers.)

This cleanser removes makeup easily, doesn’t leave skin dry, rubs into eyes with no irritation and has a lovely finish to it. Neither George or myself broke out using it, and both agreed it was a great cleanser. For the price, you can’t go wrong. I’d definitely recommend it. It’s not a wonder miracle product – I think some people are hyping their stuff up so much you’d think it’d give you a FaceTuned face, other cleansers also work the same – but for what it costs (£15), how much you get and the fact it’s cruelty free, vegan and good for sensitive skin, it’s awesome. I like it, and I’ll be replacing it when it’s finished.

Onto the other three products I currently have. The other product gifted to me was the Priming Moisturiser – Rich, and again – it’s a great cream. It’s one of their most expensive products at £29, but it’s not breaking the bank in terms of a cream. I didn’t personally like it under makeup, but I get oily skin throughout the day so I need something matte as a primer. If your skin is dry or prone to dryness though, it may work better for you as a primer. For me it’s best used as a moisturiser at night time. The word ‘rich’ usually fills me with impending break out dread, but again nothing out of the ordinary has happened to my skin, and it feels soft and clean when I wake each morning.

In the showroom – which is dowsed in millennial pink, with hordes of naked women of all shapes and sizes on the walls – I picked up the two items I wanted to try the most: Cloud Paint in Dusk, and Balm Dot Com in Birthday. The Cloud Paint is a liquid blush/lip product, which usually I don’t love. I swatched it in the store and even though it was quite a runny liquid – not a creamy one – it dries down to a semi matte/foundation finish. I find the problem with cream or liquid blushers is that they dry too powdery and simply disappear over the course of the day. This one works more like a foundation in the sense that once it’s on it’s on, and can be built up nicely to create a more flushed look. I also tried this on the lips, and it’s a soft day time finish that actually works well with a dab of the Balm Dot Com over the top. I wouldn’t say the Cloud Paint is a total must – but definitely nice to have, and works well for what it does especially considering it’s £15!

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Balm Dot Com comes in several scents and a couple are tinted, but in all honestly I just wanted the Birthday one because the packaging is sparkly. Come on, you’d buy it too. This is an all purpose balm, that isn’t crazy sticky, isn’t full of crap like Vaseline and is pretty much the perfect handbag accompaniment. I usually carry my Elizabeth Arden solid 8 Hour Cream in my bag, but it’s so thick and gloopy. It’s perfect for lips, but it’s too thick for the rest of your skin. A right pore clogger. Balm Dot Com is light enough to use on dry skin, those pesky flaky patches, cuticles of nails, on the lips, to smooth the brows and honestly – as a highlight. I’d seen this thing Milk Makeup do which is called a Highlight Gloss, which is basically something makeup artists have been doing for centuries backstage at Fashion Week and on shoots – to use a balm style product as a highlighter. It naturally catches light, looks dewy and fresh and isn’t sparkly. I wanted the Milk product, but at $20 I decided it was a waste of money. Now this isn’t for every single day especially if your hair is long like mine, but the Balm Dot Com works really well dabbing a little bit on the tips of cheekbones for that natural dew. It’s really just an all round good balm.

So there we go, my thoughts on the four products I have from Glossier. I have a list of about four more things I want to try, so I’ll report back on those in future. I swatched more or less everything in the show room though, and the Cloud Paints, balms, masks and skincare items impressed me the most. I didn’t rate the concealer much, the shades let down the foundation and the lipstick wasn’t anything to write home about, but there are definitely some hero products in this range, and you absolutely cannot deny how gorgeous and cute the packaging is.

My two cents? Don’t get so far sucked into the hype you expect actual miracles from the products, but believe the hype enough to go out and own some of the range that appeals to you – it’s so worth what you get for the money and as a brand it’s worth buying into what you like the look of. I like Glossier, and I think it’s here to stay.


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