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Facial SPF Sunscreen That Works Under Makeup

Facial SPF Sunscreen That Works Under Makeup

Yeah… it’s warm. You don’t need me to tell you! Summer is fully here in the UK and it’s even more important than ever before to ensure your face (and whole body!) is covered in a good quality, high factor+ suncream. I know for many there can be reservations with then layering makeup over the top, and I thought I’d share some of my favourite all-year-round SPF sunscreens, that can be safely worn under makeup to protect and keep your face free from sun damage.

This post contains some products gifted to me as PR samples. Some were purchased by me. For more information on how this works, please click the Disclosure tab.

Before we properly delve in, I have to give mention to two others that I had completely used up pretty much and therefore aren’t physically included in these photos, but are a great option. The first one is the famous La Roche Posay Anthelios, this entire range is incredible but in particular the mattifying face sun cream is amazing. The second is the Kiehls Ultra Light Daily UV Mineral Sunscreen, which is so good I’d recommend it to everyone! It just can be a bit pricey… is all.

It’s important to note that the recommendation is that sunscreen is worn daily on the face, even in winter and clouded/not visible sun days. I try and wear it under makeup every single time I go out, whatever the weather – as it makes such a difference to visible wrinkles and signs of ageing on the face. My foundation – the IT Cosmetics CC Cream has a good spf in it, but I always try and layer one underneath where I can too.

The Body Shop Skin Defence SPF 50++* (pr sample)
Ok so first up, the one I would recommend to all skin types and every need. This is a lightweight daily moisturiser, with a very high SPF 50+ built in. It’s the most versatile product for every day use and I believe shouldn’t break out or irritate any skin type (not that an SPF should anyway but you never know). It also has vitamin c in it, is vegan and cruelty free also. The formula is really easy to apply and doesn’t leave any greasy residue, so makes the perfect dewy prepped base for foundation too. This product should be worn every day, indoor and outdoor – and will do a lot of good protecting your skin from any sun damage at all. I absolutely love it.

Glossier Invisible Shield SPF 30
This product from Glossier is essentially the same as The Body Shop one above, but with an SPF of 30 rather than 50+. I prefer this daily on the more gloomier British days, as even though as I mentioned no one is exempt from sun damage (basically any time you are outside you are exposed) but I find the lovely lightweight formula of this one works perfect for me all year round, not just in Summer. George loves this one too as it feels like a serum rather than a moisturiser, and is perfect for his daily use going to work. This is a hero Glossier product, and it’s vegan/cruelty free too.

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REN Clean Screen Mineral SPF 30* (pr sample)
Like the Glossier, this one is an SPF 30, but is a silicone free, mineral face sunscreen that helps protect the planet with good ingredients, as well as your skin. This product has a mattifying effect so also works perfectly under makeup and won’t clog pores. My skin always looks glowy after using this. It has zinc oxide, which is a clean ingredient to help block UV rays and keep skin well looked after. I’ve really enjoyed using this and noticed my makeup has sat on the top perfectly. I just wish they’d make an SPF 50 version!

Tropic Sun Stick SPF 50* (pr gift) and Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum SPF 50 Sol Stick* (pr gift)
These two are pretty interchangeable, so I think it’s pretty much down to personal preference. If you’re going to be out all day, I’d recommend grabbing a sun stick to top up any face SPF. These are both ideal for behind the ears, lips, nose, eyes and any dark tattoos. Both are amazing, vegan cruelty free product but the difference is in the scent. Of course the Sol de Janeiro contains the signature Bum Bum scent (more on that range here) whereas the Tropic is natural with pretty much no scent. So it’s really down to personal preference! Both spread easily, feel lovely on the skin and keep any nooks from being burnt – how many times have you forgotten the top of your ears?! Since I got these in my life it’s been a game changer! I’d wholeheartedly recommend a solid stick for top ups.

So there’s a little overview of some of the best facial SPFs and sunscreens for you to ensure you’re wearing. As I say, they all fit perfectly under makeup so there’s no excuse! If you’re not familiar with all the brands in this post either, do check them out. I’m particularly loving Tropic at the moment, can’t wait to share some more of their skincare with you after I try it out for a bit longer…!

Stay safe in this heatwave!

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