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Note from Zoe: while I will always be honest and genuine in every review, I try to keep this space a positive place. I take the Anna Wintour approach to Vogue in that it’s more powerful to not feature something than to feature it negatively. If there is a brand that you cannot find in the search bar, or you notice something I never talk about – there is reasoning for that. I would love the comments to stay a positive, inspiring place but I welcome any constructive criticism at any point. Please remember especially with skincare reviews that what works for me may not work for you, and I only have one opinion. I implore you to research the web for many differing voices before making any purchases, and to purchase wisely with the environmental impact in mind.

If you don’t love it – don’t buy it.
If you don’t need it – don’t buy it.
If you’re only purchasing because of hype – take a step back.
Will you use it?
I will never force sales upon you, I am here merely as a guide to help and someone to ask for advice.