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Beauty Brands Doing Good Things During The Black Lives Matter Movement

Beauty Brands Doing Good Things During The Black Lives Matter Movement

This year… wow. I mean, it’s been a lot. Solidarity with everyone fighting the good fight, we have a long road to go and it wont be easy – but it will be worthwhile, on both accounts of the Black Lives Matter movement, and saving lives staying at home these last few months in the pandemic. I’m not here to talk about that in length today, but you’ll have noticed I had a week of silence on the blog. Amongst other things I did in that time, one thing I did do was start to compile a list of beauty/wellness brands that leapt into action during the Black Lives Matter movement. I felt that by highlighting those doing good, we can make informed decisions and we can speak with our wallet in future – because this does make a difference.

This post contains some products gifted to me as PR samples. Some were purchased by me. In this post they are used for illustrative purposes only. For more information on how this works, please click the Disclosure tab.

Here I’m focussing on brands who committed to Black Lives Matter, but of course there are brands who have also committed and helped on the frontline with Coronavirus which should also be highlighted (There’s also brands who committed to none!) In my opinion, a brand who springs into action to help both causes, despite their closeness to each other, is one that’s worth your money in the future. I think that says a lot about the core ethics of a brand. Something that’s hugely worth noting is that a lot of the smaller brands didn’t have the funding, the resource or the ability to donate product during Coronavirus which is understandable given the circumstance, but have sprung into action for Black Lives Matter and I think that’s very fair. 

I’ll keep updating this list as and when I see more brands that fit, but for now, the criteria I’m going with in this list is: 

  1. They either made a statement of lifelong ethics, donated or made a commitment to help the Black Lives Matter movement going forward, or were dedicated to effective change for the future within their own company. 
  2. Additional comments for those who either made product, donated product or donated money to frontline staff/NHS during COVID-19 as well as protecting their own staff financially.

Okay here we go:

Glossier – Donated the first 10,000 units of their new hand cream to frontline staff in the US. Closed all stores and paid staff for all lost shifts in the closure. Pledged $1 million dollars to Black Lives Matter – $500,000 to NAACP Legal Defence and Educational Fund, The Equal Justice Initiative, The Marsha P. Johnson Institute, We The Protesters and Black Lives Matter. The other $500,000 is being distributed as grants to Black-owned beauty businesses. 

Milk Makeup – Donated 100% of all sales on April 10th to New York based COVID-19 support on the frontline. Donated $250,000 worth of product to frontline workers in the US. Donated $50,000 to NAACP as well as matching employee donations for Black Lives Matter charities. Partnered with influencer Snitchery, who herself donated all earnings of sales on Milk Makeup’s website with her code to Black Visions Collective, and Milk matched the amount. Conducted an internal investigation into the lack of black employees and joined Scope of Work, an initiative to help underrepresented young black people into employment. Conducted an investigation into racial abuse reports within the employees, the founder personally investigated, publicly apologised and pledged to change. 

Herbivore Botanicals – Produced own-brand hand sanitiser and distributed 1,000 to frontline heroes in the US. Donated $46,000 to Black Lives Matter and ACLU to support the movement and pledged to create a black-led council at the company to do more to support the community. Implemented year round training on diversity and committed to hiring more black staff.

REN Skincare – Donated thousands of the Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask to frontline workers to protect their skin after mask wearing in the UK and USA during COVID-19. Donated undisclosed amount to Black Lives Matter to support the movement.

The Inkey List – Donated $10,000 to NAACP in the US, and £8,000 in the UK to Voyage Youth, to work with marginalised young black people. 

Deciem – Donated undisclosed amount of own-produced hand sanitiser to front line staff in the US. Closed all stores worldwide and paid staff in full for the shifts lost. Pledged $100,000 to NAACP and Black lives Matter. 

The Body Shop – Donated 250,000 shampoos, soaps and shower gel to NHS front line workers washing during their shifts, as well as 100,000 bars of soap and 100,000 hand creams to NHS Nightingale and other hospitals in the UK. Donated $10,000 to Black Lives Matter in the US and pledged to support the community. 

Space NK (retailer) – Furloughed all staff with full pay in the wake of COVID-19. Donated undisclosed amount to Black Lives Matter to support the movement.

e.l.f Cosmetics – Donated $25,000 to Color Of Change in the US to support fighting injustice for black people in America. Further pledged to match all employee donations to Black Lives Matter charities. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Donated $100,000 across the following organizations: Black Lives Matter, The Innocence Project, The NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, Black Visions Collective, and The Marshall Project. Pledged to work internally on raising black artists’ voices on their platform. 

Pixi Beauty – Undisclosed amount donated to Color of Change to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Dr Paw Paw – Launched an initiative to give away two balms to many frontline workers in the UK, giving away over 50,000 to date. Used their social media platform to highlight real life heroes working on the frontline to keep us safe. Worked with Crisis to donate thousands of Anti-Bacterial Sanitiser Spray to Crisis volunteers supporting the homeless with food deliveries in the UK. Pledged to donate undisclosed amount to Black Lives Matter, Show Racism The Red Card, Southall Black Sisters, and committed to a membership and monthly donation to Stand Up To Racism UK, supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Biossance – Donated 100% of proceeds on April 16th to Direct Relief for medical resources like masks, gowns and gloves during the COVID-19 pandemic. Staff were supported through the crisis. Donated $100,000 across the Minnesota Freedom Fund, the ACLU, Color of Change and Black Lives Matter to support the movement. 

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Dermalogica – Donated care packages every Sunday to those working on the frontline, as key workers or teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic in the US. Donated 5,000 Ultra Calming Skin Kits to the NHS in the UK with further donations going forward. Donated undisclosed amount to NAACP and pledged to commit to further education within their company going forward to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Stood by and supported influencer Jackie Aina on their partnership going forward when she asked for a pause.

NYX Cosmetics – Donated undisclosed amount to Minnesota Freedom Fund and Black Lives Matter in the US, and pledged to continue to support the black community through their existing work. Pledged to standardise inclusive shade ranges. 

Hourglass Cosmetics – Donated $100,000 across NAACP, Black Lives Matter, Marsha P Johnson Institute, Loveland Foundation and Thurgood Marshall College Fund to support the movement.

Colourpop Cosmetics – Partnered with the Health Care Foundation for Ventura County to donate thousands of PPE to the frontline health care workers in California, US. Donated weekly critical supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Donated $25,000 to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, $25,000 to the ACLU and pledged to support Black communities with a future $250,000 for organisations going forward. They pledged to use their platform to create positive change and invest in the community to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Morphe – Donated undisclosed amount to Black Lives Matter to support the movement and conducted internal reviews and investigation on low volume of black staff hired within the company. Pledged to change and work with the community for future.

Tata Harper – Produced own-brand hand sanitiser and donated undisclosed amount in partnership with Sir John and Donate Beauty to frontline workers across the US in the COVID-19 pandemic. Donated additional moisturisers for frontline workers wearing masks to product the skin on their face. Donated undisclosed amount to The Equal Justice Initiative, The Emergency Release Fund, NAACP, Black Lives Matter and Color of Change to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Sunday Riley – Purchased and donated 20,000 KN95 masks, distributed to frontline workers in the US battling the COVID-19 pandemic. Donated 4,000 full sized products to healthcare workers to combat wearing masks for long hours. On May 3rd they hosted a fundraiser and raised $24,000 for the Professional Beauty Association COVID-19 relief fund. 25% discount for frontline workers. Staff fully supported for loss of shifts. In honour of George Floyd, they donated $50,000 to NAACP and pledged to do something for future in their hometown of Houston, Texas. 

This list will be continually updated as and when donations or actions are made. If I’ve missed any off (which I’m sure I have as I’m only one person searching!), please do leave them in the comments and I will add them to the list.

Remember – speak with your wallet. Stay safe. Solidarity.

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