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The Aromatherapy Associates Atomiser Might Be The Best Thing To Happen To My Home

The Aromatherapy Associates Atomiser Might Be The Best Thing To Happen To My Home

I’m not being hyperbolic when I say I am a *huge* fan of Aromatherapy Associates. I’ve been buying the bath oil for years (specifically? Buy the Deep Relax oil, trust me. You’re welcome in advance.) For someone who has to spend a lot of time with her chronic illness in the bathtub every month, it’s a solid investment that lasts for ages. The thing with Aromatherapy Associates is, a little goes a long, long way. Even just running a bath with it in makes the rooms around my bathroom smell amazing for hours. So when I saw The Atomiser, I knew before I even got my hands on it that it would be incredible. I was not wrong.

*This post contains entirely product gifted to me as PR. For more information on how this works, please click the Disclosure tab.

Aromatherapy Associates – The Atomiser*

So The Atomiser is a bit of an anomaly in the sense that it requires no water. It’s inspired by spa technology, which uses air compression to atomise a micro-fine mist, which comes directly from the source – the 100% pure essential oil blend. This is why it smells absolutely incredible, and its powerful scent is not watered down, or compromised in any way. The whole technology behind it means it’s exactly what you expect from Aromatherapy Associates – a scent that fills your entire home. Absolute, bliss.

One of the best things about this is how quiet it is! You would barely know it was on. As I mentioned, it doesn’t need water, and also doesn’t need any heat. It’s such a micro-fine mist that you can barely capture it on camera let alone see it in real life. It’s on in the picture above, but no shutter speed or lens I tried would capture it – it’s just that fine. I absolutely love this, it means it’s just lightly scenting the room, rather than overpowering it. I talk a lot about how good the scents are for lingering, and for filling a room – but it’s important to note the subtle difference between the fact it fills a room, but doesn’t overpower it. This is quite frankly what makes it worth that price tag, let alone the little details like it comes with spares of everything – the inner holster for the oil just incase you need a spare, and a bunch of tubing for the bottles, all spare. Of course it comes with a charger to charge it, too.

It’s fully ceramic, so it looks really nice in any room of the home. It’s a nice neutral colour being a soft muted cream white, meaning it’s not gaudy or in your face. It feels heavy, like it’s got a luxurious weight to it, and it has a delicate ‘soft halo’ of light, designed to help you relax no matter what time of day and what room of the house it’s in. It’s absolutely beautiful. It fits in with my house perfectly, and I love how it looks.

There’s also plenty of scents to choose from, I’m fortunate to have them all – but I am very familiar with Aromatherapy Associates so I knew I wanted to get ‘Revive’ in the Atomiser first. Some are ideal for bedtime, like ‘Deep Relax’, and some are great just to fill your home with a relaxing, beautiful scent – I love ‘Forest Therapy’ for this. I was worried that it might guzzle the oil really quickly, but it doesn’t. I’ve had it on a lot already and it’s barely gone down from the bottle.

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Listen, this is not a cheap purchase I know that. I feel incredibly lucky to have been sent this, but it will be utterly treasured in my home. It’s already pride of place I love it so much! I’ve been pretty much confined to my home the last few months with no work in the pandemic, and filling it with scents that make me happy has been a priority. The Atomiser as far as I’m concerned is the top tier in it’s category, and it’s worth every single penny. If you’re in a home full of dogs (like me) or you just have a lot of guests and having a lovely smelling home means a lot to you – you will absolutely love this. I am so grateful and so glad it’s in my life.

The Aromatherapy Associates Atomiser retails at £120 from Space NK. (affiliate link)

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