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A Super Serum? Yup, Glossier Knows What’s Up

A Super Serum? Yup, Glossier Knows What’s Up

As usual Glossier have their finger firmly on the pulse. I’ve made no secret of the fact how much I love this brand and will continue to do so. There are some products that to me are total wins, and some are epic fails – however, the former majorly outweighs the latter. And today… we have an epic win of a product to share with you! Recently revamped and reformulated, the Glossier Super Serum range is worth your time and I’m gonna tell you why. Oh also, if you ever buy anything from Glossier, use my affiliate code! I get a little something for you using it and you get 10% off your first order. Just click here to redeem it and get that sweet money off deal!

*This post contains entirely product gifted to me as PR. For more information on how this works, please click the Disclosure tab.

There are three Super Serums in the range, there’s Super Glow* (pr sample), Super Pure* (pr sample) and Super Bounce* (pr sample). In 2019 not only were they repackaged into bigger packaging so more bang for your buck, they were reformulated too with stronger percentages – so more powerful than before. In my opinion, this really elevated them to a whole new level, and they’re now a key in my skincare routine – and my husband George’s too! They are now double the size of what they were before, and have been fully road tested in a clinical trial, too. All three serums retail at £24 each, or £60 for three (and remember with my affiliate code you can get £6 off too!) which for three skincare products in the mid range category, really isn’t so bad. Considering some other brand serums start at £60 for one, this is a good halfway house to luxury skincare. So should you invest in all three? Which serum is right for you? I’m gonna help you navigate the new world of the Glossier Super Serum, cos trust me, you’re gonna want at least one of these babies in your life.

Glossier Super Glow Serum* (pr sample)
I really think all serums are suited to everybody, but if I were going to offer up one to start with, you can’t really go wrong with the Super Glow. It’s a Vitamin C & Magnesium rich serum, with a milky emulsion texture. One of the complaints about the last formulation was that it was too watery, so Glossier listened and made it much thicker. It’s really pleasant to apply, works under makeup in the morning perfectly, and the combination of the two keep your skin energised, and glowy! (Hence the name.) George uses this one every morning before work, as it keeps his skin lovely under his matte moisturiser for a whole day on his feet. This is the product for you – especially if you’ve had a late night!

Glossier Super Pure Serum* (pr sample)
Super Pure is one of the most powerful ones, and it’s been amped up even more by the latest Glossier formulation. It’s Niacinamide and Zinc, which together help to de-clog pores, prevent and fight acne, control excess oil and improves texture. Whew! This is one powerful little lady. As you can see we’ve used a lot of our Super Pure and for good reason – it’s very, very good. I notice change in my skin even after one week of using this solidly as it’s gentle enough to use daily. Quite a few people report a ‘sticky’ feeling using this, but to be honest as I always lock it in with moisturiser, it doesn’t bother me. The texture of this one is slightly more watery, perhaps leading to the ‘sticky’ reviews found online. Really though, this isn’t a serum you use in the day like Super Glow, this is a night-time baby, best used before bed. So something like that personally doesn’t bother me, but if it bothers you it may be of note. I like most people have blackheads on my nose and I do notice a slightly lessened appearance with regular use of this product. It sells out quite regularly, it’s probably the most hyped of all the Supers!

Glossier Super Bounce Serum* (pr sample)
And finally but no means last, the Super Bounce. This is Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5, and what I’d call more of a ‘classic’ serum. In the sense that we are seeing hyaluronic acid in pretty much every skincare item at the moment as a bit of a buzz ingredient, this one stands out less from the rest of the pack as the most exciting. But that doesn’t mean it should be dismissed! Super Bounce is unlike any other Hyaluronic acid serum (at least ones I’ve tried) in the sense that it’s a lot more like Super Glow in texture, a milky emulsion. It applies really easily, gliding over the skin like a soft kiss of moisture. I think it would suit most skin types, and is probably the most user-friendly of them all – I think you would be hard pressed to find someone who’s skin this irritated. There are plenty reports of people using it with eczema and other sensitive skin irritants, with great success. So, it might not be the most exciting of the three… but it’s definitely one to grab if you’re in need of that hydration boost.

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So there’s a deep dive into the Glossier Supers! George is such a fan he recommends it to everyone at work, and we’ve had friends both male and female purchase them on our recommendation – and love them too! I think for the price they are an incredibly powerful product. Considering they were half the size, and half as powerful – yet Glossier hasn’t changed the price point, I really feel you’d struggle to complain. George and I share these, and have used them for the last six months religiously, to which there is still a ton of product left. I think not only are they perfect for our age but they’d be a really good starter intro to looking after your skin as a teenager, too. I cannot imagine how beneficial something like this would have been to me when my skin’s oil production was out of control and I had no idea what to do!

I hope this was helpful, and gave you an insight into one of our skincare cupboard staples. What do you think about the Supers? Do you use any?

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